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Singing Hills is a predominately black neighborhood with tremendous potential. Located in the middle of three of the major highways in the state (I-35, I-20, and I-45) this community and its current population could prosper with proper investing in job creation and education to rejuvenate a dormant economy. Small businesses could have a major impact on this neighborhoods economy. Also, UNT at Dallas, a growing public college, is located right up the street.
My experience living in Singing Hills was great. It was mostly quiet at night, extremely quiet. In the day time you see kids and families hanging out together and just having fun. If i could change one thing about Singing Hills it would to be have more parks to play at. The recreation center in Singing Hills would be great for everyone but they need to rebuild because no one notices it was there.
Crime happens everywhere non matter where you live
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Its ok, the neighborhood is fairly guiet and its cose to a police station...
my aunt was held at gun point
in the area its full of low income parents that have the potential to do better.