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Silverwood is a very nice suburban area in Charlotte. The area is good for families, very peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Homes are affordable and the area is developing nicely.
The crime in this area is higher than it was in the past. The teenagers are breaking into houses and stealing cars around the neighborhood, along with damaging property. These ongoing activities are starting to make more people in the area feel like they aren't as safe as they should be.
The area that I live in is not as bad as other areas. When I began living here, it was a very quiet and peaceful environment but, now it isn't as peaceful. There are more children in the area and some of them are choosing to partake in criminal activities around the neighborhood, these activities not only affects my neighbors but also affects my family as well. If I could choose to live here again I would but if I could also choose a different area I would do that as well.
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In this area there are not many reports of crime
This area is very convenient. Cost of living is rising as well as property value
There is little to no crime in my area. Which is great!!
I personally loved this area when we first moved here nine years ago. It was quiet and less populated. Now there are more neighborhoods being built and population is increasing. I like it to be more quiet with less traffic!
Good area just needs investment. Hidden jewel.
The middle class are neglected in these areas.
There are always police cars driving around in the area. There is a lot of crime that happens in my area. For example, A house was shot up on my street just a little while ago. A police car is now always in the area, but before police cars were really just seen for speeding tickets.
The weather in this area is amazing to me! We experience every season but none are very extreme. For example, in winter, it may snow one day, and because it doesn't happen very often, the area shuts down if there is ice on the roads because we don't really have the proper equipment. My wardrobe is filled with summer clothes and a few sweaters. I have one snow jacket and that's it. I don't have any other seasonal items in my closet. We experience the cold of winter, rain of spring, heat of summer, and cool of fall without an extremes.
The area as great for highschool students who just needed a parttime position. T
The area I lived in was simply nice. It was not a horrible place and it was not an amazing place. You can say it was just an older place. The building were a little worn and the area had a slight run down look to it. Not to mention, we were the city right on the borderline of being out in the country. I lived at the end of a long road where no one thought existed. Surprisingly, everything I needed was in five minutes from me, driving. Walmart, Food-lion, Red Sea, and the best bar; Big Al's, was all right at my convenience. However, to go to any amazing shops with beautiful buildings and stores was at least thirty minutes away. My home was nice. Home was nothing extravagant, but everything I needed.