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Moved here 2 months ago and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy this neighborhood. A few highlights:
1. Neighbors: Very friendly, very welcoming, but not in your face. 2.I am in between Portola downtown where I can find a few great eating places: Dimsum, Banh Mi, Breakfast place, FDR Brewery, and a few others. And a few blocks to 3rd st., where there are a few places I can hangout at: Gratta Wine, All Goods Pizza, Radio Africa, Simply Delish, just to name a few that I frequent. There are always great collaborations among these businesses to throw events that feel like block parties with friendly peeps. For grocery, I go to Foods Co., which surprisingly has everything I need. 3. Transportation: A few blocks to Third St., where the T line runs to Downtown/FiDi. But it is also easy to get Uber or Lyft
4. Safe: I have been walking around the neighborhood even until 10pm, although never later than 10pm and feel safe enough.
Overall, a great neighborhood to live in.
The crime rate in not and issue in my immediate area but there has some crime around seven or ten blocks from wher I live but I'm not alarm by it.
The atmosphere is great where we live it's a family community. We like in the city so the transportation is some good here cars are not needed. It's very easy to go back and forth between home and work. What i see in the future here is all around greatness more Doctors, Nurses,Attorneys and Law enforcement.
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Considered the worst district in the city, this neighborhood is notorious for illegal drugs and violence. If I had the option, I would have never moved into this neighborhood and I do not see this neighborhood atmosphere improving without confronting the economic disparity that is prevalent. Unfortunately, this is the only option for many people because of the cost of living. The neighborhood has had new businesses open only to be closed due to robberies. Furthermore, the gang activity makes parks unsafe for kids, especially with the illegal drug distribution.