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A wholesome community thats rich and diverse. I've lived in the Silver Lake area my whole life and have watched it grow tremendously. While I don't always like the added traffic, it still remains a rather family-orientated area.
Crime seems to be spreading to my neighborhood, but overall seems to be about the same.
The climate in this area is perfect. No hurricanes, no tornadoes, no drought. Earthquakes are rare. No blizzards. It's just right!
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There are a few houses in the neighborhood that have stayed empty for quite a while.
Occasional minor thefts in neighborhood but nothing major nearby.
The housing is nice. Most neighborhoods have homeowners dues that they pay every year that go towards maintaining the properties.
My community is family friendly. We have several parks in our area for kids, trails to walk your dogs, local businesses, bigger retail stores, etc.. We have home owners dues every year. These go towards maintaining the sidewalks, signs, flower beds, and trails. We also have a strict covedent so home owners have to abide by certain rules (keep lawn up, no cars parked on the streets, no campers, RV's, etc...). It's nice because your neighborhood looks nice, but also annoying because you have to ask the "Homeowners board" if you can paint your house a certain color, or if you can put a shed in your back yard... They can tell you no and you have to just suck it up! That is the part I do not like...
I would say we don't have a lot of crime in the area. There have been a few breaks in in our neiborhood when people were away on vacation. Our next door neighbors sell products via eBay and Craig's list out of their house and they have had a couple breakins. Other then that, it's pretty safe.
I live in a nice neighborhood. I guess one would consider it the suburbs. We are within a couple miles of grocery stores, gas stations, schools, banks, doctors, and the freeway. It's in a great location! The only reason I didn't rate it "great" is because I think our next door neighbors are jerks. So... Other then them, I give the place where I live a big thumbs up.
Although there are some instances of burglary and other crimes in this area, overall, constantly hearing about various types of crimes is not common. Police are seen on occasion driving around town, although many more are see on the freeways. Furthermore, there is typically no concern with how quickly they arrive on scene when they are needed.
Great sense of community; in the center of everything
There is a police station within 10 minutes from here and a fire station even closer.
There are nearby parks, shopping centers, and public transportation hubs. You are far enough from the freeway to avoid the majority of rush hour traffic, but close enough to enjoy the benefits of a quick commute! Anything you could want to experience - from beaches, to farmer's markets, to wineries, and even busy cities - is within reasonable driving distance. It is the perfect place to live and still feel like you have access to amazing weekend getaways!
its just like everywhere else in the world. there is crime, drugs and homeless people everywhere
In general it is safe to be out and about at night alone in the suburbs. Downtown is a little different, but still relatively safe compared to most places. Most prevalent crime is making/selling drugs, so drug busts are somewhat frequent in downtown. Suburbs are very different, much more tame and friendly in nature. Police are not visible, mostly because all of them drive unmarked vehicles.
Everett is not exactly a progressive city, but the atmosphere here is pleasant and the people are nice. There's certainly an established culture here. However, I feel that further efforts could be made to improve the quality of life here. Public transportation is decent, but it is there mostly because private companies like Microsoft and Boeing fund them to get their employees to work. Education funding and support is in decline (but where else in the country is it not?). But the businesses and food that are available are in plenty.
There is a high quality of housing. the properties are well maintained.
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My community is extremely pet friendly.
I have been living in Everett for seven years and have not had any issues with crime in my neighborhood.
I really like living in the Everett Snohomish area because there is a nice community feeling and the weather is cool and rainy.
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