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I am ten minutes away from the movie theater that had a slightly recent shooting
Since I'm on the edge of the air force base the alarms and flight test are annoying.
The Denver-metro area is a beautiful place to live, the climate is great, there are many attractions (sports, museums, outdoor activities) that give you a lot of fun things to do. The only bad thing is that housing is getting extremely expensive because so many people are moving here. People are pretty friendly and laid-back for the most part. Every time I meet new people, I find that they are from other parts of the country. Traffic can be pretty bad from the suburbs to downtown but the city is improving it's mass transit systems, so hopefully that will improve soon.
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Most of the people who own their businesses live in town and their children go to school in town--it's very easy to get close to business owners and appreciate their businesses. Everyone is very friendly--Aurora is a big town but this particular southern part of Aurora is such a community.
I think the Market is picking back up again. it's getting better