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Shore Acres is quiet and small but thriving. Having a community pool and recreation center is one of the greatest aspects of the neighborhood. The church is nice to those who want to attend. The area is safe and quiet, which is another fantastic trait. I would recommend this area mainly to new family who want a safe, friendly community to raise their kids.
there is a moderate amount of crime in st pete but not in my neighborhood o surrounding area. in the area of st pete where i live, it is very safe.
the atmosphere is very artsy and trendy. there is always something new to do. the location is isolating because you have to take a bridge to go to another city.
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The only thing that really happens here is if cars are left unlock, then sometimes they get broken into but with no damage.
A lot of people have neighborhood parties and typically invite everyone near them to come and enjoy the party.
Crime and safety is seldom if ever a problem in my neighborhood.
My neighborhood is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in St.Pete. I am very grateful for where I live and how the community thrives off positivity and interaction with input.
The area gets thunderstorms on a daily basis in the summer and has the threat of hurricanes. The area is very hot all year.
The area like any other has both ends of the health spectrum. Many people have gym memberships and many people do not take care of their health. We have great hospitals in the area and the largest children's hospital in the state. There is also a great hospital to go to if a person does not have insurance.
There are the best grocery stores in the area because Publix has many locations around here. Also there are chain stores and restaurants as well as just as many locally owned stores and restaurants.
I have lived here all my life and there has been plenty of great things to do but I think the activities are to attract tourists and it needs more stuff for locals.
The part I live in is very safe, but the south side of the city is very dangerous.
The high quality art museums and history museums in the area attract a variety of people to the area.
There is just about any cuisine you can think of in the area.
The area is very residential and there are minimal vacant properties. The banks in the area do not let foreclosed homeowners leave the house until there is a buyer. The area also has apartments from the lower-income prices to the high-end waterfront apartments.
There are always police out patrolling and a fire station in every neighborhood.
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The area has three professional sports teams within twenty miles of downtown, one of which is in downtown. The community has strong showings and sporting events and in the restaurant and bars around them to cheer on the local sports teams. There are also many dog parks around town. There are mostly families in the area with pets and children, although there are some places with some older folks the majority of the area is on the younger, family side.
There are many nature parks in my area. Also the area is surrounded by water so much of the outdoor activity is water based things such as boating, swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, and kayaking.
Since the area is a tourist area, there are many new shops and hotels going in that are expected to create more jobs in the area.