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Shore Acres Reviews

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Not too crowded, great food.
Great for the rain, snow and warm weather
Wallgrens, CVS, Wallbaums and a lot minimarkets
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2 Wallgreens, 3 Redbox, a lot restaurants and a lot little markets
Restaurants like Campo Bello, Pollo Ardiente and +
The houses in my area are really close to each other I feel and that houses made today are being made with poor quality equipment that could hurt someone.
Theirs lots of varieties and you can't really complain about the prices because you can always find different prices in different places all the time.
I, personally have not seen any real drama crime such as murders or gangs, but there has been disagreements about the police involvement in arguments that escalates to physical contact wither they have did "the right mind of action"...
You try to look for a job you feel that you could learn to enjoy or work hard enough to get the job you want. "It's a dog eat dog world out there" ,you have to try truly your best.
There are a lot of well kept parks in the area that offer great scenery and fun.
In my area there are a lot of small businesses. This area has little to no big companies, but you can still manage to find anything you need close by.
People in the neighborhood are very friendly and come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds and religions. My sister and I are Puerto Rican and Lebanese so we represent racial diversity in our home alone!
Unfortunately there is only one train that runs throughout staten Island so your only form of public transportation is buses which can take very long. Luckily there are plenty of bike lanes in the area for cyclists and there is much more room to park and walk than the rest of New York.
It is rare that I see people in my neighborhood exercise, but it is also a fairly quiet neighborhood so maybe I am just missing it. The closest workout facility is a twenty minute drive away which is pretty far. There is a local park that people can jog in, but thats about it. I stay active by playing lacrosse with my younger sister.