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I’ve lived here for over a decade. Shocker Bottom is an entertainment hotspot! They’re numerous restaurants, bars, hotels and museums. A scenic bike trail along the canal and plenty of places to live. It’s a very lively and exciting place to live, play and visit.
I moved here about a month ago from Norfolk VA. After an extensive apartment search, I narrowed my scope down to the Shockoe Bottom area. The area offers all inclusive uniquely renovated apartments in a safe neighborhood for very fair prices. I love that there are lots of restaurants within walking distance, and downtown is just a few minutes away. I have close access to the interstate to get to work without a fuss. I'm very happy with my choice to live in Shockoe Bottom!
Shockoe bottom is a nice, up and coming area. It's walkable and there's plenty to do. It's within walking distance of VCU medical center and the state capital, so there's no shortage of low-commute employment opportunities, either.
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It's on the up and up. I think it'll be awesome in the next 10 years.
We rarely have any serious weather here in the Richmond area. We sometimes actually joke about that fact. All the bad weather seems to either pass by us, or occur AROUND us, it's weird. No special wardrobe, but we do experience all seasons to a certain degree.
There are mostly brown stone homes, I guess. They are up in the Church Hill section of the city. I preside mostly near waterfront lofts.
There are so many restaurants in this area. Its great to have so many at your doorstep, and most of them are very tasty!?? So where we lack as far as retail, we definitely make up in the variety of food options.
The mall is WAY... too far, but I think I'm ok with that. This is where I cbose to live, and the businesses that are close, such as our grocery store and drug store, are top notch!
There is definitely police visibility, especially on the weekends. I overall feel pretty safe walking down my street, even at night time. There is very good lighting
There are festivals held here a few times out of the year, and we just had a bike race. Parking was awful, but it was all very exciting.
It's Shockoe Bottom, so very progressive. I see it advancing inthe furure and becoming a spot where more and more folks will want to live. Maybe not where you want to raise kids, however, because the city schools aren't where they need to be.
GREAT community. Lots of pet owners and lovers. Clost knit community and LOTS of activities!
The public services are ok and definitely very convenient. There is always work to be done
Mostly affluent bussiness type, or students. People are very nice, but everyone works very hard so nt enough time always for socializing.
There's a gym and rooftop pool in my apartment building which gives us easy access to a healthy lifestyle. We alsobwalk to restaurants, and there is a hospital in walking distance.
The job market seems to be ok in this area. There are a lot of upcoming businesses;the area is definitely becoming more progressive.
I live in Shockoe Bottom which gives me access to just about EVERYTHING... The streets seem to be safe overall in regards to crime, however there are too many potholes, and broken sidewalks. I fell a few weeks ago as a result!