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Lots of different ethnic restaurants to choose from. Great bars too.
For professionals, especially in the finance/investment and technology fields, there are a lot of opportunities.
This area is relatively diverse. Because Stamford is close to New York City - I'd say very diverse.
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Stamford continues to grow and change - for the most part for the better. There's plenty to do, however, the traffic along I-95 is one area I wish it was better. Congestion is the norm during morning and evening rush hours. But then again, Stamford is less than 1 hour by car to New York City.
Stamford is only a 45 minute express train away from Grand Central Station and everything New York City has to offer: great professional sports venues, Madison Sq. Garden, museums, zoos, Broadway, restaurants, incredible cultural events and much more.

Locally, Stamford has a great independent movie house (Avon Theater), the Palace is a venue for musical and other perfomances. In the summer at Columbus Parks the City offers an open air concert series called Alive at Five.

For outdoor lovers, Stamford has some great public parks (West Beach, Cummings Park and Cove Island Park) which offer access to Long Island Sound - great for walking, jogging, sailing, kayaking, motor boating, swimming or just laying on the sand to catch some sun. These parks also have soccer and baseball fields and tennis courts.
Stamford offers excellent access to a major highway (I-95), commuter rail (Metro North and Amtrak) and 3 airports (Westchester, JFK and LaGuardia). Traffic during rush hours can be highly congested.
There are 3 beaches/parks on the coast of Stamford and additional parks throughout the city - great for sailing, kayaking and boating. Stamford also has great soccer fields and baseball/softball fields. The Nature Conservancy's Devil's Den in Wilton is a beautiful large nature preserve located about 35 minutes by car from Stamford.
We have excellent hospitals and access to great healthcare with many medical specialists. People in general exercise and care about their health. There are many gyms and exercise facilities.
Stamford's police and firemen are very responsive. I feel our elected officials (municipal, state, federal) do care about me as a citizen.
Stamford has many housing options including luxury private homes either on or near Long Island Sound or in the woods of North Stamford, older multi-family houses, new modern condos for rent or to own in downtown Stamford or the South End. Housing and utilities are expensive, but in my opinion, worth it for the public amenities including direct access by car or train to New York City. Express trains from Stamford to Grand Central Station are 45 minutes.
I live in a condominium community which is very welcoming and inclusive. Many of my neighbors have become my friends and we often get together socially over the course of the year for dinner, cookouts or other activities. The location of my condo is wonderful - it's on the water near 2 of the public parks/beaches with easy access to downtown, grocery stores and the train station. I really love my community.
I have lived in Stamford for 16 years and have always felt safe: whether taking a walk through one of the local parks or going downtown at night for dinner or to see a movie. The City is investing in its lower income neighborhoods like Waterside and the South End to make these areas more vibrant. Overall, I feel very safe in Stamford, but as in any modern city - exercise caution, especially after dark.
Stamford has four distinct seasons - fall foliage can be very beautiful. Summer months along Long Island Sound (coastal part of Stamford) are a few degrees cooler than inland (North Stamford); conversely in winter it's a few degrees warmer along the coast. Normally from late March through late November you can enjoy outdoor activities. The best months are mid April through mid/late October. The past couple years have had above average snowfalls during the winter months. Being along the coast, Stamford does have periodic flooding as a result of Nor'easters, tropical storms and hurricanes.
Stamford has many restaurant choices - including the variety of ethnic offerings to various price ranges. Downtown Stamford's Bedford Street area has many great restaurants and bars as does Columbus Park which also has several restaurants, sports bars and clubs. The Stamford Town Center Mall has a nice selection of restaurants if you're shopping at the mall. The various neighborhoods of Stamford: Shippan, Glenbrook, Belltown, Turn of River, Ridgeway, High Ridge and the redeveloped South End all have good restaurant options.
Stamford has a great variety of shopping options from chain grocery stores to specialty grocery stores like Fairway Market. Downtown has a number of restaurants offering a wide range of ethnic choices including Italian, Indian, Irish, Latin American, Japanese, Chinese, Gastro Pub and American. Twice a year, many local restaurants participate in Stamford Restaurant week which offers diners a price fixed menu to try out the various restaurants.

Stamford Town Center shopping mall has a lot of national chain stores to choose from and there are also a lot of local mom and pop stores also offer specialty selections.

Stamford is home to a number of corporate headquarters, so the downtown feels more like a city than a suburb. That being said, Stamford is a very manageable city - not too big or overwhelming. Recently, a lot of redevelopment has occurred in the South End - with new rental complexes, restaurants and retailers.