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Sherwood Forest Reviews

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For th most part, everything is okay. Some side walks are closed off due to construction working but other than that, everything is fine.
Everyone is pretty friendly, and mostly havee pet dogs. And also the city is BEAUTIFUL, I would live here at any given time.
There arent many community events that go on around here
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Living in this area i dont really feel safe
It is quiet and everyone is always friendly.
if you travel towards airport or Arlington you find good restaurant's to sit down and enjoy a meal nothing locally
The job market in my area is basically fast food nothing that I'm trying to do
they conform to the perception of the ghetto when they should have standards and hold the public to those standards.
the public needs more help with community issues
people need to be held accountable for their actions
More healthcare and health center options would be nice
there are some homes that are not kept and there are a few areas that have a lot of drug activity and no cop presence as it should be regulary
there is no help in the neighborhood as it should be
when we are faced with weather issues I'm aware and I prepare
I like the housing, a little maintenance helps.
The crime is sort of bad, it could be a lot better.
It is usually very sunny and dry. it does rain.
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There could be more variety
There is not an abundance of stores around. there is one big store which is Winn-Dixie, several family dollars and a few convenience stores. The stores are not bad, but could be better.
Aren't many bars club in this area and if there are they aren't any good or safe