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I've lived in Sherman Oaks for over 10 years and have been all around the area. Most areas in the city are very clean. I'd say my favorite thing about Sherman Oaks is really how much there is to do and so many stores. They really do have everything you need, from many groceries, banks, tons of restaurants, to some interesting stores you didn't know you needed. I'd recommend sherman oaks to anyone looking for a nice area to live in.
As a resident in the neighborhood of Sherman Oaks, I find this area to be quiet, yet lively. There are countless things to do. Sherman Oaks provides unique shopping experiences to satisfying meals. This area is a safe place to walk around, even at night, however, there are homeless individuals seen from time to time at bus stops or at the foot of a store, although it is uncommon. Sherman Oaks is a fun family-friendly area that all can enjoy. In addition, Sherman Oaks is adjacent to Studio City, which is another great area that offers many activities, high end stores, and restaurants. Sherman Oaks is an amazing place to be if your aren't looking for an extremely busy day. However, one thing I would like to see change about Sherman Oaks, is the appearance of more parks and nature. I only know of one park in Sherman Oaks, but would appreciate if there were more nature incorporated recreational spots in the area. .
I have lived in Sherman Oaks for most of my life. The neighborhood is pretty good, although it feels like it has been becoming less safe over the last few years. Housing is expensive. Commute times can be very long, depending on the direction of travel. Public schools are good.
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It's in the middle of San Fernando Valley, with a bunch of restaurants and things to do. There's always people walking aroud and keeping things lively and bright. There are restaurants that are open 24 hours a day and you can have a good time just hanging out at Crave and watching people do their thing.
Homeless situation is out control. Bus stops on Ventura aren't clean. Our multifamily property south of the Blvd has had 17 break ins in 11 years, some more violent than others. If you have a family you shouldn't be out passed 8pm in the summer. It gets sketchy quickly. It's common for drivers to rev their engines at night until 2-4am. It's overcrowded unless you live in certain suburban pockets.
I've lived here my whole life and love it. It's close to the city but it is a nice calm neighborhood. Good food, cute shopping areas. Real estate has been getting very expensive lately, which I'm not a fan of, especially with the building of ugly McMansion style houses.
such a nice town, feels like home. I am originally from small town in NY. There is a mall down the street from me. There's a lot of local food places, cafes, and bars.
One of the quieter and less expensive areas of Los Angeles. Housing costs are still very high, still a good homeless population, and not great healthcare. Long commute to get anywhere else in LA. Lots of small shops along Ventura Blvd.
Moving to Sherman Oaks was eye opening. Cost of living and safety has continued to decline over the past 12 years that we've lived there. I'm shocked everyone has given it such rosy reviews. We still own a house in Sherman Oaks that we rent out, but moved our family away due to crime, the homeless crisis, and how congested the streets had become. It would take me 20 - 25 minutes to drive a mile to the freeway in the morning whether Valley Vista, Sepulveda, or Burbank Blvd. It's overcrowded, with city officials continuing to approve new apartment buildings left and right, yet the streets cannot handle the car congestion pouring out of those apartments. It's great to see new construction homes, but I really wonder how home owners who are paying a fortune are navigating the horrific traffic in the morning/afternoon commute window. So glad we are out of Sherman Oaks.
I love that Sherman Oaks is very family-oriented and has good elementary schools. There is not a lot of variety for public middle schools and high schools so many venture into other cities for the later school years. There is some crime as there is in any neighborhood but it is generally a good area with good people. I really enjoy living here and raising my children in Sherman Oaks!
Born and raised in Sherman Oaks, I grew up walking to Sherman Oaks Elementary. The neighborhood has changed drastically in the past 5 years with new development and taller houses. I am glad the era of mc mansions has ended so we no longer see the eye sores on the block.
gab here live din sherman oaks 99 percent of m life its sitll a safe and interesting and fun place and lot oof activity
Love the neighborhood. A great place to grow up- close enough to the big city of LA but a little quieter.
Love it. Has everything in the area. Great places to go out to at night as well, close to the city and beach. Not bad distance-wise. A variety of schools in the area, not missing out on any.
Sherman Oaks was a great place to grow up in! There are so many fun things to do around here- even though I've been here all my life I'm still discovering new places. There are a lot of great schools around here too, both public and private. The one thing I would say would need improvement is the safety. It always seemed very safe when I was growing up, but in recent years there's been a bit more crime in the neighborhoods. Nothing too serious, just some break-ins, but I would like to see this problem dealt with soon.
Sherman Oaks is the best part of California. Everything seems small hometown and is virtually moments from everything... Loving it.
Sherman Oaks is a great neighborhood for families, but with certain areas rapidly growing and appealing to the mid-20s demographic, it is a wonderful place to live regardless of age.
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I have been living in this area my whole life. It is beautiful and its location is perfect for the LA lifestyle but not too close to where you'd be too clustered with it. Sherman Oaks has great public services and is genuinely a safe area to be living in or visit. Public Schools are in the LAUSD district, usually they are decent and good for your son or daughter. Depending where you want to live in Sherman Oaks it could become pricey but there are some affordable apartments in this area and completely safe. The nightlife is all in Ventura Blvd, you go there and its full of life and good choices of food and bars. The diversity is rich and the city does have different ethnicity you can encounter. There is a mall with good amount of stores and a nice food court the mall is a great place to spend time at. Sherman Oaks overall is a great neighborhood.
Sherman Oaks is a vibrant neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, just on the other side of the Hollywood Hills. It's conveniently located near the intersection of the 101 and 405 freeways, as well as the various canyon routes through the Hills, so commuting is about as easy as it can be in the Los Angeles Metro area. The residential areas are quiet and well-kept -- especially those on the South side of Ventura Boulevard. Access to the necessities (grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc.) is plentiful, as are the dining and shopping establishments -- including the Sherman Oaks Galleria. It isn't the hippest place in town, but if you're a raising a family or just looking for a place that's safe and convenient for less money than you would ever pay in Hollywood, it's hard to go wrong with Sherman Oaks.
Sherman Oaks is close enough to greater LA to make the commute tolerable, yet far enough away to have nice neighborhoods and still be affordable. Rents are reasonable and there are parks and quiet streets, plenty of parking, Sherman Oaks Galleria for shopping and movies and all varieties of restaurants along Ventura Blvd. From Castle batting cages and mini-golf to the best sushi you can get at Iroha, it's altogether a pretty awesome place to chill or go out and have some fun =]