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The neighborhood is located between the Parkway Center Mall redevelopment, Station Square redevelopment and Esplanade development. The mall site and Esplanade are being backed by well funded Miami investors. A high end car enthusiast club has broken ground at the site of decommissioned Holy Innocents Church. This neighborhood is about to see an influx of investment and changes. Hopefully it doesn't see overgentrification and retains a quiet feel after most of the section 8 properties are priced out.
This neighborhood is about to be on the upswing. Flippers and developers have been buying the vacant houses. Section 8 properties are turning into market rate rentals. It has great access to downtown and the rest of the city.
Sheraden is a gem if you find the right street. Some streets have city views with very affordable prices. The neighborhood is connected to the city with the West End Busway. There are a couple worthwhile local businesses popping up in the neighborhood. There are however some rough streets with low income housing. The neighborhood declined in the early 2000's but is starting to bounce back. The police have been stepping up their work to clean out the riff raf.
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Like: The stores are not that far. 20 minutes to get to Walmart and less than 10 to get to Giant Eagle. The view of downtown is marvelous. You have a perfect view of fireworks as well. Downtown is easy access; 5 minutes with bus.
Opportunities: The potholes are dangerous. The snowplows only come if you call the councilwoman. The roads are very tight. Most people do not have drive ways so they park on the street causing the roads to be even tighter.
Most of whatever crime is going on is done by teenagers in the neighborhood. Police can be seen patrolling, but not often, although there has been a larger presence lately.
I don't really go out much, but I've never felt unsafe. There are several parks in the area as well as a library. Public transportation is easy to get to.
Since the shooting in November 2014 a lot of people have moved.
It's not a bad area to live. It's sometimes the new people who move in that change how the community is.
It's not bad, could be better but it's not bad.
It's not the best but it's the place where after being there a while that you wouldn't want to leave because of the people you became to meet and the relationships that you have bonded with them.
In my neighborhood it is a high crime area. There are a lot of drug related crimes and robberies that go on almost every day.
In Pittsburgh, we can have all four seasons in one day! I enjoy getting each season unlike other states who may just stay warm or cold all year round.
I do not see any job opportunities in my neighborhood, most people have to go into the city (Pittsburgh) to find any employment.
There are only one or two pizza shops in the area which I do not order from.
Local Businesses are very poor in this area, I don't think its because the owners themselves are bad I think its because of the people and activities that go on in the neighborhood. Local business owners are trying their hardest to strive in this area but because of the small neighborhood I live in you cannot get everything you need in a mom-and-pop shop. There are very few places to go in this area without leaving the neighborhood. There is only a auto repair shop, a small "pop and chip" store, a pnc bank and a few other small stores. Unfortunately these small stores are always either getting robbed or end up closing within a few years of opening.
Many people that live in my neighborhood commute to the downtown area for work. It is very convenient because it is only 10 or so minutes from the city. Other places are very easy to get to from downtown so traveling around the city for work is also fairly easy.
You can get small jobs in my neighborhood but theres nothing that has high wages.