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There's a lot of drug use and an aroma of meth. But it's affordable. I live here because it is close to good things and the rent is affordable for a single person without a lot of income. I do not go out at night or walk around my neighborhood. I'm too scared to walk my dog in the park.
I've lived here a little over five years. I love it, location wise it's closer to everything I love...the highlands, St James, Nulu, Downtown. And it's changing everyday. It's exciting to see what's growing in this area.
The public services in Louisville are great. Anywhere I really need to got o I can just ride my bike or take tarc. The streets are often time full of trash, but the parks remain beautiful! I love Louisville!
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The roads need some major work everywhere. There are pot holes everywhere, but the snow and ice is not a big problem.
The community is great. You've got 4th street. The Waterfront. The new Floyd fork parks. Pets and families all over.
There are plenty of places to workout. I just stick to my bike and I will soon be using u of l's workout facility. Quality as far as hospitals is convenient.
Traffic is really congested with all the construction going on, but it's not too bad. There is plenty of walkability and parking. Louisville treats their bikers good.
There are a lot of ignorant people who live here as well as a lot of people watchers which I find weird. People are happy and diverse though.
There is always something to do in Louisville with really nice parks. As well as a quick trip right to Indiana there is always something to do.
There is employment. Any one who wants a job can get a job. It's only those who don't want a job who don't have a job and it is their fault that they suffer the consequences.
Utility expenses are awful. Mainly the service charges like the gas service charge is 13.50 every month when we only use gas 3 months a year for heating. The area I am in is bad, but cheap and cheap is nice while I am trying to pay for college.
The fast food here sucks. Wait times on food at fast food restaurants can be as long as dine in wait times. Most employees are always on their phone. However there are so many unique local restaurants that are really good. I love the bison burger.
I love the area I live in. It is a very bike friendly community and there are always people my age walking around bardstown road and what not, which is very close.
The restaurants all have a great atmosphere as far as dine in restaurants. With good quality/quantity to price. I can get pretty much everything I need in this area.
People are always stealing things. I had a weedier stolen when someone acted like they were using it for the church next door to me. I thought I was helping the church when really he took off running and so did my weedier.