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Sheffield & DePaul Reviews

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Definitely the least friendly and most insular part of Chicago. Most of the DePaul students seem miserable.
some crime, i do not walk by myself at night
overly crowded and lots of new construction all of the time.
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most places seem full or about to be and it is affordable and nice
this is a college community in a city so there isn't much to do. It is full of young people and not very family oriented, though I do see pets.
I am still in Chicago so I never feel 100% safe but I have never needed to call the police or seen any crimes
I love where I live. It is perfect for me and the time in my life I am in.
overall, this area is good and peaceful.
Eating well and organic is a very typical thing in this area
because of the city environment you cannot have much land space
This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago
It is cold most of the time so you only get a couple months of warm weather
There is a restaurant for any type of food imaginable
I do not have a salary paying job but I know hourly jobs are fairly plentiful
Lincoln Park has a lot of independent businesses as well as chains where you can get what you need