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Great variety of restaurants, markets, schools, parks, etc. Very convenient neighborhood. It feels safe most of the time, it is mostly residential and quiet at night. Diverse residents.
sheepshead bay is diverse and good neighborhood to live in but it is very expensive and some what dirty, there is barely cops during day time, but there is a lot of restaurants from all over the world a lot of good supermarkets and affordable clothing stores but because there is a lot of restaurants, there is a lot of drunk people at nights and also a lot of homeless people next to train station,buildings are also nice and most of them have really good view either at ocean or Manhattan
I have lived in Brooklyn, New York my whole life and I never really liked it. Many people think Brooklyn and/or New York is such an awesome, cultural staple of America. Well, I guess it was decades ago. Sheepshead Bay is a very busy area, I never liked that about it but we all have different opinions. Hectic roads, impatient drivers, MTA buses everywhere. Yet, It truly is a very convenient place to live. The subway is right around the corner and there are city bus stops on every other street. Almost every block has a little deli or convenience store, but you'll never find a Walmart here. Last but not least, the one thing you can always count on is getting a 10pm classic quick burger and milkshake fix at the one and only Roll N' Roaster.
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Sheepshead Bay is a fairly peaceful neighborhood, with some great restaurants, and plenty of grocery stores, and a few clothing shops. It contains Emmons Avenue, a waterfront with piers and ships that offer fishing trips or daily cruises. There is also one movie theater located down Emmons Ave. Sheepshead Bay is connected to the MTA by the B and Q line, which makes access to other parts of Brooklyn, and Manhattan, very easy.
I grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. It's a truly wonderful place. From the canal to the cafes to the people, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to grow up here.
I love my community, it is a perfect blend of the classic New York City and a normal American neighborhood. There is little to no crime, we are right next to the beach, and in the middle of all the subways for a quick trip to Manhattan.
Little cultural diversity, however has been increasing over the past few years. Lots of restaurants and entertainment available and stays generally clean. Police are always on patrol and little crime occurs. The bay offers a nice spot for jogging and walks.
I lived in Chinatown Manhattan since I immigrated to America for 7 years until I was at the beginning of 8th grade. When it came, my family wanted to move to Brooklyn. We found this place Sheepshead Bay from the newspaper and it wasn't a bad deal. I am now in 10th grade so I have been here for about two years. The neighborhood isn't bad at all, it isn't dirty and quiet most of the time. There are few schools near where I live but I go to school in Manhattan. Not just that, the train station is really close and there are buses to the station if needed.
Relatively safe community with fairly diverse population (Chinese, Russian, Mexican, etc.), meaning good food options. Accessible public amenities such as libraries and train/bus service.
Public transit is very accessible. Great local food options. Everything you need is 5-10 minutes away via Ave U, Ave Z, and Sheepshead Bay Rd.
Sheepshead Bay is a very family friendly area. There are probably more than 25 public schools in the area, which are all very focused on academics. There are also many options of public and private transportation available in the area.
Very clean environment with lack of violence. Great educators but lack of clothing stores. Although there are ample stores in the area, there is a minimal amount of jobs available to women. However, the apartments are beautiful and well kept with gated parks that are well equipped for small children. on the other hand, the schools are great as well because of their many resources and services.
This area is not very high on crime but as always you should be careful of your surroundings at all times.
This neighborhood is a beautiful and quiet place but it lacks a lot of needs that many people may have, there a lot of older citizens and families who live around here and have to walk long lengths to get to a grocery store, their should be a more convenient and bigger one with many options within walking distance in this neighborhood.
its somewhat quiet now adays yet occasionally there is murder.
The area is close by to a lot of stores, people who speak the same language. Transportation, work and school is close by. Rent is rising every day, products cost more yet the hourly wages tend to stay the same.
There are always police in this area
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This area is very family orientated and not too loud or too quite. It is also located close to a beach and public park. The area also has quite a few place of worship which is good for the community
A lot families live in this area. There is minimal crime and the police are always on patrol managing everything.
The general atmosphere is good. It is near the beach. A lot of families reside in this area and it is a safe neighborhood. However, the subway station is a bit of a walk.