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I just moved here from PRP area. And as of now I feel comfortable living here. I'm handicap and can walk to the store with a cane. And I do not feel unsafe. People are friendly.
Kids breaking into homes, not cool at all. These parents need to learn how to keep a better eye on their kids. Other than that my street is generally quiet.
I like the fact this neighborhood sticks together no matter all the tragedies they see, that does not stop the togetherness.
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There's drug dealers, stealing, and murder around my area.
most of the housings are kept up and then there are some that look really bad.
within the couple of years that i have been living in my neighborhood some people were very friendly and welcoming. there were other neighbors who did not make my family and i feel as welcomed. we have still grown to get to know some of our neighbors a little bit better than others and i enjoy spending time with them.
crime in Louisville, KY goes up and down all the time but within the last three years it has been horrible. no matter what neighborhood you go to there is crimes taken place; some more often than others. my neighborhood in particular has been increasing quickly and i don't believe we have enough protection. the police patrol areas where the crime rate is low when i feel like they need to focus on the areas where its worse than others. i don't feel safe and i feel like anything could happen at any given time because police in the area are not doing their jobs. I've also noticed the the victims are getting younger, finding suspects are vary rare and the community trying to help others solve crimes in our neighborhood had also decreased because they are in fear of their lives.
i don't think it is that bad living where i live. i typically just go with the flow and make the best of it. i love the fact that there not a lot of noise and activity going on so you could sit on the porch and enjoy yourself. one thing that i don't like is the lack of security that we have. it seems like i only see police patrolling when a crime has already taken place. in my opinion, i believe that police officers should always patrol my neighborhood because the crime rate is increasing extremely fast.