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I like the diversity of Sharpstown. There are many great Indian, Asian, and Hispanic places to eat. The people are from all over the world, which gives us the name of the international district. In addition, Chinatown, Memorial Hermann Southwest, and Houston Baptist University are all in the area. It is a short drive to Bellaire and Sugarland. Living in Sharpstown is great because it is in close proximity to nearly everywhere interesting in Houston such as the art district, Montrose, Memorial, and Downtown. The only fun place which is a bit of a drive is the Heights.
Sharpstown is an okay neighborhood for the prices. It has been ravaged by the recent hurricane and floods. Schools aren't the best and a rise in crime is beginning to happen here as well.'s good.I love this's very friends and relatives are familiar with me.
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Sharpstown is one of the most underrated neighborhoods in Houston. It features everything that makes a community a community: housing, schools, parks, churches, etc. However, it's greatest features is its diversity. It is easy to see that Sharpstown features people of different races and nationalities and even various socioeconomic levels.
I have lived in the sharps town area for 10 years and went to a middle school and is still attending high school in the area. I like how close it is to and convention it is to go to place to place. I am a Hispanic woman and sometimes fear for my safety. There are multiple sex offenders around my area and many gang activities. Even though we have the S.E.A.L patrol our area frequently I still hold the awareness around my area very tight. I want the safety be better in our community since there are a lot of children who walk home or to their school everyday. I would like the night time activity in our area to go down especially when it comes to partying in the weekdays. I want a better community, not just for me but also for my siblings who I won't be seeing much after I graduate from college.
There is no security in the apartments, if something happens we have to wait for hours just for the police to show up and do nothing about it.
It's quiet in the area that I stay in, no one really bothers me in that area. The only problem would be parking spaces from people that do not live in the apartments, taking all the parking spots of the people that live there.
Crime & safety are OK. I feel fairly safe walking around at night. Some of the apartment complexes are sketchy, and the major thoroughfares (Beechnut and Gessner, in particular) are not places I would want to walk around at night.
If you live in a house, Sharpstown is a great place to be. I think the house we bought was a great deal for what we got. Many homeowners are slowly fixing up their homes and some are getting flipped by developers. So far, no homes in my immediate vicinity have gotten knocked down and replaced by a McMansion.

The apartments are as crappy as they always were. Many are dilapidated and getting worse.

School ratings are also still terrible. This is mostly a function of the high percentage of English language learners and desperately poor kids on free lunch. The student body is monolithically Hispanic - >90%. There are some excellent magnet schools (Sharpstown International among them), but at the elementary level, there isn't much in the way of decent schooling available.

We plan to move away before our kid hits kindergarten, as I am philosophically opposed to private schools.
sense me and my family never been a victims of a crime in this area i think it a good place to be, with all the protection from the police the area still a good place.
the country it's okay and will always be
it could be worse than it is now, its an "alright place to be"
The crime has increased and the safety has decreased
The neighborhood can get rowdy from neighbor parties. The park is not as safe as it was before.
Its okay since their is a police department nearby
This area will somewhat change
Crime rates are not very high in my area, but it is high in surrounding areas.
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I do like Houston, but I would like to live just outside of Houston.
Nothing has ever really happen only loud partys
Great area, close to everywhere, lots of schools options, community