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I see hit and runs almost everyday
Not the best, but also not the worst. Crime does happen, but much serious crime is avoided.
Everyone just keeps to themselves. The community is okay, but not really a unit.
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The weather in my area is best described as bipolar. Sometimes good, sometimes very bad.
There are a lot of hidden gems in this area. Restaurants that are not mainstream but should be because of the great quality of food that they serve.
There are decent opportunities for jobs in this area. What only makes it an okay rating though, is the fact that it is difficult to find a job that I really desire to do in this area.
There is a decent variety of businesses. A lot of fast food restaurants and gas stations in my area. A mall which is closer to my area would make my opinion of the businesses improve.
There are a few but you have drive to get to these facilities.
Rental rates continue to escalate because the owners check what other properties rent for and raise their rates to these higher rates without justification as adding other amenities.
I feel somewhat safe in this area mainly because management has stepped up its security, like keeping others off this property is they do not live here and always ready to call the police when suspicious people are pooling or hanging around this area.
The weather in this area is good compared to other cities that I have lived in.
I can usually get food and drinks late at night in this area.
The employment in this area is mostly retail and require that you have retail experience. I have worked part-time in retail for several years but on a part-time basis only.
The businesses in this area is adequate for my needs.
Crime is steadily rising. For the most part I feel safe but there is always that fear of being a victim of crime.
The weather in this area is for the most part pretty fair. The weather do not impact my life. The essential items in my wardrobe is seasonal.
The restaurants in this area offer a good variety of foods.
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There is not a lot of job opportunities for senior citizens.
There are many local businesses that has easy access. I usually can get everything that I need in this area.