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Recent college grads and grad school dominats this neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Couldn't have asked for a better area after graduation. Affordable living, lots of recreation, restaurants. Commute outside of the city can be a downside.
Young professional-centric region, primarily inhabited by people associated with CMU/Pitt or UPMC. Walnut St is small, quaint, fun, but can become repetitive. Lots of good small bars, restaurants are generally mid tier and won't destroy your wallet but there are some amazing hidden restaurants on the side streets (Pallantia, Noodlehead, Umi, SOBA). Safe to walk around with occasional problems, and plenty of lovely homes nearby that are better for families while there are also plentiful apartment complexes for younger people. Housing is very pricey, and grocery stores are difficulty (Market District and Trader Joe's nearby, Aldi close and Giant Eagle close but not as accessible). Public Transportation one of the few gold stars of Pittsburgh - the buses are great generally and Shadyside is frequented by many lines.
I love the look of Shady side. It is clean, welcoming, and updated. There are also many things to do during the day or night. There are an abundance of places to eat! The only thing that took some getting used to is the traffic. It took me awhile to get used to the set up of the roads since i am not used to city driving.
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Great neighborhood in Pittsburgh especially if you are an employee of one of the universities or the hospital. Family and young adult friendly.
Shadyside is one of the safest area in Pittsburgh. There are lots of high-end private schools and UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) branches. Many physicians, sucessful local and international people studying/working in famous universities. Also couvenient to eat out, and to go shopping.
Shadyside is a decent place to live. Rent can be expensive, but you are paying for closeness to a lot of attractions and shops. Normally pretty quiet during the day and some bustle in the evenings. Two world-class universities are very close, University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.
I've lived in Shadyside going on 6 years and have had nothing but positive experiences here. It's incredibly quiet, safe, and you can walk everywhere! There are also a ton of restaurants, bars, and fun events throughout the year (definitely check out Jam on Walnut).
I love shadyside. It’s a nice quiet area with young professionals, graduate students and young families. There are many amenities in walking distance. The area has many places to live and all stores are within walking distance.
I love that Shadyside is a quiet, accessible neighborhood that is both family-friendly and trendy. Most of the things I need are within walking distance from where I stay, and it is close enough to school campus and downtown that a bus ride is not too long.
Shadyside is a perfect location for a grad student or young professional. It is very close to the University of Pittsburgh and CMU, and the neighborhood has very easy access to several bus lines. There are a lot of shops and restaurants all within walking distance, and the nightlife is lively. Rent in this neighborhood is much higher than most other areas of the city, and street parking can be a nightmare. But if you don't have a car, this area is convenient, lively, safe, and wonderful.
Lots of restaurants and bars for college aged kids. Safe for families. Plenty of hospitals and health centers. Safest neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Pricey but still affordable. Walkable.
Lovely area close to bus stops, night life, and universities. You're never far away from something interesting when you live in Shadyside!
I've had a good experience so far. I've been here going on 3 years, and it's been keeping me going. Plenty of food options around, plus grocery shopping. You've also got Walnut St. that has an assortment of shopping you can do. If church is your thing there are a variety of religious places of worship nearby. You can go most places by walking, taking the bus, or driving. Depending on what part of Shadyside you live in rent can be cheap, or give you a nice luxury apartment. I haven't thought about buying a house, but there are plenty of options.
Ive only been here for about 9 weeks and love the vibe from Shadyside. It doesn't have a big city feel which is what attracted me to come to Pittsburgh.
Shadyside is the best neighborhood in the city for young people and young professionals. It is so easy to get almost anywhere else in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, has great shops, restaurants, and all the little things you need (grocery stores, library, dry cleaner, bank, public transit, etc.). Rental and home prices are high but if you can afford it Shadyside is fantastic.
Shadyside is a great neighborhood. There is plenty to do and is close to other popular neighborhoods. The only downside is the rent is a bit too high.
I don't feel unsafe when I return home late at night.
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Close to school, close to work. I have everything I need within 2 miles (school, work, bank, Pepboys, pharmacy, retaurant, grocery store, optometrist, bus stop) safe and quiet area.
I would say its great because we have a great school system, good crime rates and many activities that I enjoy are offered. Also it has many options for children.
The cost of living is very low. Public services are generally really good. The weather can be swingy and annoying. It's fairly easy to get around, but the city quickly becomes the suburbs, so there aren't quite as many options in terms of food/entertainment/etc as larger cities. However, the options are usually of good quality.