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I generally feel safe in the area, although there have been a couple instances in the area where the police have had to be called.
I am planning on living here forever, this area is wonderful. You are only an hour away from the beach, the mountains, skiing and snowboarding, and the gorge.
There is hardly ever a home vacant. However, having said that, there is a vacant lot down the street, but that place has been vacant for as long as I can remember, and I do not believe it bothers anyone in the area. The cost to live in this area, however, is increasing, and the rate property taxes are increasing is making it exponentially harder every year. The quality of the houses, although many look the same, are rather nice, and the interiors are very nice. The only downside, and a major one in my opinion, is the dismal sizes of the backyards. When we moved into our house, I thought our yard was tiny, but compared to some of the houses around us, our yard is huge.
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There is more I could be doing to be involved in the community, but in general, there is a sense of community. I feel that if my neighbours were needed, they would come to our aid, and vice versa. The community is certainly pet friendly, and people tend to stay for a while in their houses. It is not often that a house is on sale, and if there are houses on sale, they are few and far between (depending on the time).
As far as I know, there is a strong police presence but I have never really had a need for their assistance. However, when I have seen them out, they are very responsive and there is a sheriffs station right down the street.
The area is certainly very nice, but it is getting quite expensive and the houses are beginning to look all the same. The new homes that are being built are cookie cutter and the builders are trying to cram as many in as possible. However, the street where I live is not changing and that is nice.
The area that I live is one I would choose again. That said, the specific address I live at I would change. There is little to no crime in our area. It has a lot to do with the cost of living. The cost pushes out those of lower incomes, thus those more inclined to commit crime seek more desirable locals that crime has the ability to thrive in.
This area has very mild weather year round! We enjoy cool temperatures and a lot of rain, which can be a bit annoying sometimes - but it is the reason we have such lovely wildlife here. There is little to no cause for concern about natural disasters.
Finding a job for unskilled workers is difficult, mainly because it is very competitive.
There are not a lot of boutiques or other upper class sort of places. However, if you are willing to drive a ways, there are always options for new retail. Gas stations are all over. Restaurants are everywhere, and everybody seems to have a favorite.
Housing varies quite a bit around this area. Some places have very large houses which are well-maintained and have a lot of land. Others have small lawns and short driveways. There has been an increasing trend in the amount of houses built close together with little space in them or given to them. Many houses look similar in each given neighborhood.
This is a very safe location. Neighbors are quick to call local law enforcement in the case of any suspicious activity. Police cars are seen fairly often. They are also friendly, helpful people who look out for the community. Their presence is warm and visible.
There are a few shining examples of great, exciting food, but most places are fairly routine and simple. The really good, flavorful foods are in the downtown metro area: where food is absolutely incredible! My favorite restaurant in the area is Oasis Lebanese Cuisine. They use fresh ingredients and everything is so flavorful! I also enjoy the recent trend of local, organic markets, where I can buy vegetarian/vegan foods at my leisure.
The Portland metro area is a very responsive community to the public's need for emergency response crews. Local and state government are conscientious but not easily accessible. Public services are advertised but limited in reality.
Education is a very important component of finding a well paying job in the Portland metro area. Even with education and in a field of demand, competition can be tough.
This area of the Portland metro region is considered the mid to upper middle class, suburban, safe and family/community living. While speeding tickets are very common, rare crimes and other violent incidents are not the norm here. The community is a blend of well kept lower income families up to very high income families as well. Nice neighborhoods and good, clean living for the most part.
Snow and ice is bad to deal with. The city does nothing to private or rural roads.
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I'm not always super impressed was salons (with customer service).
I can't rememebr the lat time there was any kind of crime near where I live
I'm not a huge fan of the local government here but it's not horrible.