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Seward park is a very nice area with a scenic view of lake Washington. The houses are very well kept and everyone is very friendly around that area. I remember going to Seward park to swim and hang with friends a lot during the summer. I do wish that it was a little bit safer at night. There has been reports of robberies and assault in that area when it does get dark.
There are definitely crimes that occur in this neighborhood and it has a history of some gang violence. However, it is my personal observation that it is getting better. I think this is part to the gentrification.
I love the area that I live. However, I have noticed that there is a lot of gentrification going on in the area and I do not like to see that. So many people are getting priced out of their homes.
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The neighborhood is quite divided economically (on a literal hill). On one side are the ultra "haves" and on the other side the ultra "have nots". Jobs on the low income side tend to lean toward chain store venues and mom and pop stores. There are a few ethnically diverse restaurant venues. On the high income side, there are slightly better organic market-esque stores like PCC and less ethnically diverse restaurants and coffee shops.