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We have violence, but not as much as we use to and if it is taking place it is not very much seen around our community it is more so happening around neighboring areas.
I live in an urban area, therefore I can not afford the luxury of having certain resources afforded to me. We do not have local control over our education, therefore we have no say so about how we live or about how we are educated.
Crime happens all the time, a lot of car thefts and groping.
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You don't feel entirely safe here.
Employment is this area is considerably rare. Most of people need to travel some distance before getting jobs.
The area I live has four seasons. the favorite one is the Summer season still i am not comfortable when the temperature is over 70 degree. On Fall season, I like the change of the leaves but not the leaves on the street.
need to create more businesses that can benefit the community with jobs opportunities and social economic development.
A lot of stores in the area are restaurants which only allow their relatives to work there.
They have a variety which I like.
Is not so safe and has a bad reputation but I am still greatfull to have a home.
The downtown part have great job opportunities, but everywhere else not so much.
You can always walk everywhere, ride bikes or just take the train/bus.