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Living here at seven hills is pretty fun nice neighbors all around. A very nice park across the street kids can go play and what I love the most is that there's an elementary school nice for the kids to have a school where they can go to that is close to home. The little trails around the parks through the neighborhoods are really nice especially in the summer to go on walks and just have a nice time with your family. If fixing anything I'd say nothing much that can be worrid about.
I love this neighborhood. I have been here for 10 years and I can't imagine myself anywhere else. Truly the American dream neighborhood
Nice friendly place, near southlands mall and E470. Safeway, King Soopers and Walgreens all within a 2 mile radius. Waxing the city, Hair Salons and Nail Saloons nearby. CorePower Yoga, 24hr fitness and a family gym in the neighborhood. Bike trails available and maintained. Village Inn, Dominos Pizza, Einstein's Bagels in the area along with a Natural Grocers.
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Probably the best place I'll ever live, though it's extremely difficult to get a house. My fiance and I have been looking for a house to get together, but the few that are available are much to expensive for us. This area feels very protected by law enforcement and fire departments, and I always feel safe walking or driving around the neighborhood at night.
Colorado weather can change ever second or be the same for days in a row. This week alone, it is going to be 80 degrees up until Thursday, then we will be experiencing a change in the weather. We may get snow but it will not be sticking to the ground this time of year. We get all four seasons and it generally follows the typical path for the seasons to follow. Sometimes our winters are long and miserable and other times the winter season here is only present in the high country, not the city. I love the weather here. We rarely get any natural disasters. Every year we can expect a forest to catch fire due to the dry, arid conditons. Fortunately, we always have them under control.
Denver is one of the best cities in the world and our social lives are highly sought after. Because of the many breweries in the area, drinking is a highlight of many people's day. People don't drink to get drunk when living here, it is more of a social drink. It lightens the mood. My favorite restaurants to visit is the Cheesecake Factory. It has a great atmosphere, great food, and great staffing. The employees there always have a smile on there face and I always leave in a great mood with a full belly. I am not old enough to drink or go out but I do know we have a great night life from stories from family.
There are many small resturaunts and stores that many people in my community can work at when able to work. Many teenagers in my area work together because there are so many places to work that most of the coworkers we know on a personal level. This makes working with others much easier and it makes it easier to enjoy our jobs. Most people would want to work in the local Starbucks' that are around. There are 3 or 4 in my immediate area. Starbucks is highly sought after because they offer great hours and scholarships for students. Most of these jobs are for teenagers and young adults. Older individuals work in DTC and downtown in offices.
In the area that I live in, there are two grocery stores on opposite sides of the street, offering groceries all day and most of the evening long. There is also an abundance of gas stations and places to eat. I can have all types of food in my area. There is everything from chinese food to mexican food. I love how many parks are around for my siblings and I to attend. We are able to bbq at the parks as well as have small football games, kickball games, and get togethers.
You can find great places to live out here most of the time they're maintained really well but there are a few places where locals will tell you not to live in and trust me you will want to listen to them.
Getting from place to place can vary on a lot of things but the main thing you'd probably have to worry about is crazy a** drivers. You can be on your merry way doing the speed limit and somebody thinks you're going to slow and go speeding right past you honking their horn and screaming out loud.
You can find just about anything around here but quality can be an issue to find since there are so many businesses for the same service so definitely do research on a place before you go.
I think people would be in better shape and healthier if we had public parks that had exercise equipment because either we don't have the time or we can't afford to go to the gym and I think if we had access to that kind of an area than I think people would be healthier.
You can find so much wildlife around here, surprisingly enough you can even find deer in the city, it's not often but they do wander around near highways or even city parks. Rabbits around every corner and sometimes you can even find praying mantis' walking around.
I would not live here again, I'm actually trying to leave because there's nothing to do, with my job I barely get by I don't even have a car because I can't afford one. Crime happens every day but you never know where it's going to hit, the people are okay but you feel that most of them are two faced and you don't know who to trust.
Here it's a little difficult to tell where the crime happens because we have really great areas right next to a really bad area where break ins happen every other week.
People in the neighborhoods are usually extremely friendly, pets are almost always welcome, there's small parks around for kids to play at. How ever where I live it can be confusing as to where some places are safe and where they aren't so do be careful of where you go.
There are no events that happen in my area and there's almost no fun places to go, it's mostly restaurants and businesses. No arcades no fun centers really no fairs or large amusement parks.