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Serra Mesa is a nice, family friendly neighborhood. It can be expensive to live there, but it is a quiet neighborhood that is pretty safe to live in.
It's a nice little suburb with plenty to do, and close to the city without being IN the city. Convenient to freeways too.
Quiet neighborhood, not much happens. Neighbors are nice and friendly. Clean community. Central to many shops and places around San Diego.
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I was born and raised in this neighborhood. Plenty of nearby eateries within walking distance, including a gym, dog park, airport, and canyon to take beautiful hikes! Safe place to have kids, the Murray Ridge park is excellent.
Small area. sometimes ghetto but i mean hey, its pretty good. Its close to my friends and my school so its convenient
Serra Mesa is a great place to live. It is a suburban neighborhood in San Diego, California. The houses are great, and there is so much to do in this neighborhood. There are plenty of parks around, and it is really child-friendly. There is a small shopping center that has anything you would want in a neighborhood from a CVS Pharmacy to a Bare Buns Bakery. Overall, it is one of my favorite places in all of San Diego.
Serra Mesa is a great places to live. There are many schools around and everything is close to the freeway and close to other places. It is a very calm neighborhood with many places to explore and many things to do while also staying safe.
Serra Mesa is relatively quite and relatively safe. It's nice to be a short drive away from everything without having to be in the city.
My experience at Serra Mesa has been very good, for not only me but my family and friends. I am 17 and have enjoyed all 17 years of living here. The school are really good and the kids that I have grown up with have made my life so much better. I grew up with my two best friends living down the street and we would have barbecues almost every other weekend. The neighborhood is up and coming with the houses becoming worth more and more, and the community is making is more and more family friendly. Once a month a Movie is played in the park and it brings together the community as a whole and allows the children to make friends and have fun! I love it and I am so happy to have lived here.
Quiet safe area in the center of San Diego so that you get an easy commute to many high demand job locations. I like knowing that if I work in Sorrento Mesa now and am thinking of taking a job in Point Loma, downtown or east county, I have all those options without worrying about a big difference in commute time. Also great when you work on the opposite side of town from your spouse or house mate since you’ll both have a reasonable commute.

Plus buying or renting an entire 3 bedroom house here is a much better deal than the high priced luxury apartments in nearby mission valley.
It's a nice neighborhood. Safe and quiet. However, there's not a whole lot to do. It's nestled away and hard to get to by public transportation.
Serra Mesa is a very small area relative to San Diego as a whole. Most of the houses are either well maintained or poorly managed. There is no in between. There is a shortage of personnel for the police force and it is hard to feel safe to walk by yourself at night. Although it is close to a lot of shopping, it is only close if you have a vehicle. On the positive side, there are many bike lanes that are clearly designated, this is right in between the 805 and the 15 freeways and the 163 is not too far either. The best part is that there is a police station, fire station, and community college all within a 5 mile radius of this little area. There are a lot of culture-specific food restaurants the next area (Kearny Mesa) over and there are people from different backgrounds to amp up the diversity.
Living here for 4 years has been amazing, very quite yet friendly neighborhood! The location is awesome the interstates are very close and only take about 15 mins to get anywhere!
Serra Mesa is a quaint, quiet neighborhood. It is mostly older people and then young families. Centrally located in San Diego.
I've spent almost my whole life living in Serra Mesa. I think the thing I like most about it is that the neighborhood itself is very quiet, with not much going on, and not too much traffic passing through. At the same time, it's located right next to a major freeway intersection with two more freeways incredibly close, so nearly anywhere in San Diego is within fifteen minutes or less or driving.
The position within the city of San Diego is as good as it gets. The neighborhood is safe and it also contains navy housing and schools.
What I love most about my neighborhood is that everyone in our community knows one another. Everyone looks out for each others homes when people go out of town. Serra Mesa has always been a good neighborhood to live in and one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family.
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I love the inviting community and how clean the area is kept. Everyone is extremely friendly and I am close to everything. I am a military spouse living in Military housing. I love living in Serra mesa. It is my home now!
I like the diversity of people in my neighborhood, Chinese, Somalian,Mexican, Arab, African American, African, Egyptian.
This area has a nice mix of families running the gamut from Military to Students. I think the local Police have a higher presence in the area, so you feel a bit safer. I think a lot of families have dogs in this area, as I see a new one almost every week or two. Most of the places to eat will be just outside of the borders of Serra Mesa.