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This neighborhood has a lot of history, but no one knows about it, or seems to care. Sure, Ft. Ward was restored and belatedly the City is beginning to recognize the African American community that used to live here, but still no one pays any attention to the fact that a tribe of Native Americans called the Halooies were displaced when the Alexandria Hospital was built over their burial grounds. Google it.
The quality of housing is ok.
The community is very active and engage with events.
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There's not really any crime.
The only thing I would change is that the constant fire trucks and cop cars flying and speeding by our house different hours of the day but that's about it.
maintness sucks but my dad knows them and they know that he is a mechanic so it has gotten to the point where they will just give him the tools and he will do it himself
the community itself is great i love the area that i live in but it just sucks that no one really interacts with each other. occasionally we will get a good neighbor but typically they are just antisocial.
The issues are typical as most other places however maintenance is not very good.
Some neighbors are nice and we have had many conversations and others have not been as peaceful.
Some areas are better than others
Not really something you hear about. Lately there was a huge case in the city, but those are very few and far between.
Everything is close together enough to be able to walk anywhere you want but cars are still basically needed. Great public schools (trouble kids hate them because of the great deal of security, but if you stay out of trouble you'll love it) from elementary to high school. Visiting the waterfront and walking around Old Town is the best thing to do on a hot summer day. If there's something you're craving, you'll find it in Old Town.
Very safe neighborhoods with friendly people
You rarely hear about crime in my area.
My family has always been here so i love it!
they're a bit old, but still well maintained.
People are friendly around here
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I don't feel unsafe in the neighborhood.
It's a great place to live, close to everything
It's not that expansive, but it's good for small family's.