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Charming and friendly. Walk to shops, movie theater, parks, swimming pool, fantastic restaurants. Join your neighbors for the annual Halloween parade (Monster March) or milk carton boat races at the casting pond. So much fun to be had in Sellwood...just don't expect a walk-in closet; most homes built in the 20's.
Everything you need is available within walking distance or a short drive. The neighborhood is safe and well kept, and people a friendly. There's a dog park and a nature preserve with walking trails, lots of restaurants and hang out places, and t's right along the Willamette river.
This neighborhood doesn't get any better! Great schools, you have the water front, parks, great restaurants, coffee shops and stores all within walking distance. One of the best things about this very walkable neighborhood is how incredibly friendly, safe and clean it is!
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The friendly neighbors and the many unique stores.I went to school at St Agatha,s grade school located in Sellwood-great teachers.
Super safe and community-oriented neighborhood. The small businesses here are amazing and friendly. The parks are clean and the public transit makes it easy to get anywhere in the city.
Excellent place to grow up and have a childhood. I grew up in this area and went to the neighborhood schools and I absolutely love it here. It's my home.
This neighborhood is going through drastic changes which reflect growth and changes in Portland. It has been a neighborhood with a friendly, small-town feel. Even though it is just minutes from down-town Portland, in the past it was a bit isolated because of the limited roads in and out. Unfortunately with the growth happening this causes bottle necks in traffic. Many workers living in outlying areas travel through Sellwood, cutting through side streets. The roads were not designed for this volume of traffic. With so many new apartment buildings going up (the classic old homes subsequently disappearing) the neighborhood is losing it's historic and unique Portland character and is now just a very overcrowded, traffic ridden, don't know your neighbor, and expensive, ostentatious place to live.
I feel the most secure in this area of Portland than I have anywhere else I lived in the greater Portland area. I don't feel like the cops are constantly patrolling either which is my preference. When needed however, they have always responded very fast when needed. There is hardly any crime to note and all buildings, homes, and public areas are maintained very well.
Whenever my husband and I walk our dog, visit the park, go to the coffee shop, or trip down the street to the grocery store, we are always overwhelmed with the sense of community we feel. We have lived there for just over two years and we know so many of our neighbors, store and shop owners. People are willing to stop to say hi and always willing to lend a hand.

The historical context exemplifies how quaint and well maintained it has remained which is a huge draw for crowds seeking antiques and to support small local shops and restaurants. We are frequently at the local wildlife refuge which I did a huge report on for school and there is a lot of pride having this in our neighborhood for education and conservation. The bike path is a huge bonus as well because its a through-way heading south and north.
Sellwood is an incredibly safe, friendly, and creative community. The people are engaged in the community, and they make it a point to be friendly and considerate to not only their neighbors but also the larger community. I would most definitely choose to live here again, and from the many places I've visited in the U.S., I would be most likely to raise a family here as well.

However, while the area is growing in affluence and development, there has been a concerning increase of the local population: this means that the quality of community life is decreasing, traffic is becoming more than the infrastructure was made to handle, and the atmosphere has gone from calm, slow, and peaceful to fast-paced and busy.
We have been geting less and less rain. Doesnt get cold often, and only has a few days of snow or really cold weather a year. Summers can get hot, but aren't too uncomfortable. Most of the time it it is about 70 degrees and cloudy.
There is a lot of amazing food here, and it spans a lot of price points. If you are willing to look you can find an amazing meal for 10 dollars, but you can also go for a fancier restaurant with a higher price point. There is a lot of variety and different price points. Lots of fun different places for families, and younger hip restaurants for people in their 20s. More and more restaurants/places to eat and spend time for the under 21 group as well.
There are a lot of specialized jobs for people in healthcare and technology, but not a lot of entry level work. There are very few jobs that pay a living wage for people without specialized skills.
The local area has a lot of transitioning. Lots of new hip restaurants and bars, and a few older established places. The established businesses have a solid neighborhood feel where you get to know the owners and other patrons. Some of the newer places have a similar community vibe, like the yarn shop, but many of them are very impersonal. They provide a service but it tends to be very sterile. There is definitely a good blend, and everything you need is available. It would be nice if there were more fitness facilities that were more affordable, many of the things that are close in are trendy and expensive.
So many smart people come here to live so jobs aren't open to normal people anymore. The pay is lower here than most places.
There are a lot of variety of stores that sell things you need and things you didn't know you need.