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The City Council has cut the budgets to all 1st responders so violent crimes has increased dramatically over the last 2yrs. The City Council has done NOTHING to improve any aspect of the city.
The weather is good. The temperature is usually comfortable.
There is a place to eat and get drinks at every corner.
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There is many companies which people can work at.
I can everything I need. There's publix, Walmart, and Target.
It depends on what you want to do. I think most of the hardships have to do with a struggling national economy rather than employers' growth.
Especially in this neighborhood, people tend to move in and stay for long periods of time. Lots of senior citizens. Young families. Can see people walking their dogs any hour of the day.
There's not really any bad food to be found in the immediate area, but there are very few unique locally-owed and operated places. Mostly chains.
Crime is typical downtown and in surrounding neighborhoods. Most prevalent are gun violence, domestic issues and some theft. Police actually live in this neighborhood, so feels safe here.
St. Johns Town Center, outdoor mall with many restaurants, is very close. Mostly all corporately-owned businesses in area with exception of small things like ethnic restaurants and liquor stores. Most any need can be met close by.
It gets hot often during the year, especially in summer. Humidity is often high. During the summer, will rain at same time every day for week-long spans; can set your watch by it. Storms include heavy rain and lightning. Conversely, droughts have been known to happen. Typically only a month or cool weather yearly. Hurricane season is a concern, but area is rarely directly affected.
I amiss surrounded by many office buildings and restaurants. Merrill lynch, Blue Cross Blue Shield, a hospital etc.
Very close to St. John's Town Center. Riverside area is a close drive.
There is a lot of dining and shopping areas. Mostly apartments and condos. Houses are fairly close together. The quality of the condo I personally live in is awful. A little over priced.