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This neighborhood needs more opportunities for the individuals who live here. Most stay in the cycle of not becoming someone and not bettering their families.
2nd Ward is close to east downtown and just down the street. The place is really coming up with new construction and all. I see it growing in the coming years. The location is not bad at all you still have some shady areas in the neighborhood but like I said it's growing and eventually it will be a desirable place to live. I love it! *coming from a new homeowner*
living in the second ward makes people believe that its a hood but actually its like more of an east end thing where i live at its closer to Downton Houston. Our community has gone more safe side where people are calm and friendly and nice to each other. It's a neighborhood where people would like to live at.
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Rarely see any crime happening in the area. The police are rarely visible but are quick to respond to any concerns. I feel safe in this community and it keeps getting safer.
The Magnolia has always had a bad reputation of gangs and crime but surprisingly it haas always felt same to me and my community. Once in a while you will heard something about an incident but overall it is a very safe and calm neighborhood. Ive been here since i was a little girl and if I were to leave I shouldn't hesitate to come back. I see changes being made to the community already with the new metro rail and I see it improving drastically over the years.
There is a moderate amount of crime in my area.
the area is nice place to live at.
The area is ok but can do better to improve the community.
In my neighborhood we have little of everything. For example, Ice cream shop where families can enjoy a nice day. Right in front there's a school with a park where kids from the neighborhood go play. There's a friendly grocery store not to far with everything a family needs.
There is a lot of flooding in these areas and its a hassle.
I really do like where i live and it never gets dull.
They are there when you need them and provide a very good service when doing their job.
I live really close to the downtown area so there is a lot to do and within the downtown area such as food or dancing and even entertainment areas such as bowling and other great activities.
Its really not that bad only thing is that you actually have to go out and find the job your self and if there is not one available you have to keep on looking.
There is a store in almost every corner and they are all different varieties so you can actually get everything you need.
There is a handful of jobs around this area the only thing is that when one applies it takes them a while to leet you know if you got the job or not.
The local business in this area is great. Stores are like between 0 to 10 miles away from homes.
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The safety is okay police pass around often the only bad thing is that when you need a police they take a long time to get to your location.
The ones who live in my area typically are focused on working or school. From time to time, the neighborhood kids are seen riding their bicycle or going to the park that is within walking distance. As far as the hospital facilities, those who live in my neighborhood would have to take the bus or drive their selves to the nearest facility which is located in the medical district. But the quality of the facilities is amazing, one of the top facilities in the nation. However, there are clinics that many prefer because of the low costs. I do try my best to stay physically active because I learned how important it was to stay healthy and fit, which is why I tend to do workouts about 4-5 days a week at home or outside when it's not scorching hot.