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Within walking distance to bus lines, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, bookstores, record store, the beach, and parks.
There are a fair number of outdoor locations around where I live that are nice and well maintained. Swimming, fishing, and most other water activities are readily available. Which is a blessing because it has been really hot in Seattle lately. The parks are almost around every corner and the mountainous areas are only about an hour away so its not bad for skiing or snowboarding either.
I love the weather. It rains on average 150 days a year its sunny sometimes and snows sometimes. There are rarely major storms but when they come they are nice too.
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Its mediocre at best the job markets about as good as anywhere really. With over population its not a big surprise. Plus theres capitalism.
There are fair amount of people who have lived here for a very long time and some are new to the state its quite diverse.
Dudes, its seattle, look us up. We are like the most diverse large city around.
Our roads are some of the most kept up in the states. But this means a lot of construction all the time so of course theres traffic and yes its bad but thats usually because most people don't know alternative routes to get places.
Lights everywhere. I don't like that but whatever it adds to safety. Graffiti is an art form, let it be. Abandoned buildings are rare and unkept things are an issue as long as they don't create an environmental hazard.
Our options are limited. The thing is politics as an institution is corrupt. You cannot escape it and you can change it with enough people backing you.
Its expensive to live in Seattle. The area is great, the schools are mediocre, the food and the people make up for that though.
The diversity of food and where it comes from is quite literally amazing. Think of any region in the world and we more than likely have at least two restaurants that have that type of food.
Seattle as a whole is a tourist destination. Its lively and fun, lots to do and a great area to live in. West seattle is where I live and there is much less to do and its not a destination necessarily but we arent far from the action.
Better than most places but not as good as some. Thats kind of the way it works for everywhere though.
The scenes are great and most place lively and friendly. THeres not always something to do but thats fine, everyone needs some down time now and again.
Overall the area is great. Theres a lot of everything but the quality varies way more.