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I love the country feel of our neighborhood, that is really in the middle of a large city. I have lived here all of my life, enjoy the schools and have made friends that have helped me to feel this is a place I will always be connected to.
Safe place, tight knit community and not overly crowded or large. The homes are well kept, and while very few own a three car garage, the moderate and comfortable living conditions make this place a wonderful community
Scripps Miramar Ranch is a very nice and peaceful area. Not too much goes on, but it's definitely not detached from the surrounding city of San Diego.
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Scripps Ranch is a very quiet tight-knit community. The schools are very good and the area is very nice. It's so convenient to live there, with many restaurants, schools, clubs, etc. being there. It's a nice place and would suggest living there.
A safe, affluent area, with a nice climate, nice schools, and a nice location. Commute can be a bit of a bother and public transportation is non existent, but no more than an other suburban area.
I have grown up in this neighborhood, and I love how safe it is and how involved of a community it is. I have attended schools within the neighborhood from elementary school until high school and felt that they were all very good. Such a great community and I am so glad to have grown up here.
Scripps Ranch is a small and quiet community located right across the highway from Mira Mesa. It's close enough to all the city action, but nestled far enough away to enjoy the privacy of a small neighborhood.
Great city to live for a family that is upper middle class to rich. Very safe with a good public education system.
Located along I-15, this neighborhood is easy to access. Mostly comprised of higher income households and military members (MCAS Miramar is very close).
Quiet area with minimal traffic even during rush hour. It's a suburb that does not offer much in the way of night life. However, the proximity to a lake, trails etc. would appeal to the active person.
I love that everything is so close. I like that everyone seems connected and kind. The schools are hard, but push you to do your personal best. There are oppurtunities to do you best in school.
Depending on where you are in the city there may or may not be an issue. I don;t see police too often where I live, however, crime downtown is increasingly more.
I have lived in San Diego my whole life and can't imagine living anywhere else. The beautiful weather and constant things to do keep life exciting. However, it is the great atmosphere and good vibes from the people living here that make San Diego great. It has a laid back and friendly vibe that you can't find anywhere else.
We felt very safe here
We loved living in this area. Very "country" for San Diego.
This area is very safe. Just there is not a lot of police presence
Scripps Ranch is a nice area but you are far away from everything. It is expensive and has no culture, so be aware!
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Most of the problems are kids pranks like TPing or egging. Rare burglaries
I love Scripps Ranch, it is a great place to grow up. The public schools prepared me for college and the weather is terrific year round. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and we surf year round. No matter what hobby or passion you have, its easily accessible within a few miles. Friends and Family always want to visit and leaving to try and acclimatize to other places as it pales in comparison.
The very few times (perhaps 2 total) that we ever had to call the local police, their response was very timely; they arrived in a matter of minutes.