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The street lights could be brighter
I've been living here since I was 2. We've had a couple of break ins but it's been okay to live in.
I'm from Flint Michigan so I've seen the worst that can happen already in my eyes.I just hope our people wake up one day to look forward to better days
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Things can always be better, if you just focus on the bad all the time its going to seem as if nothing is changing or going to change.
police are doing better to respond and crime is coming down its the summer months u really have to be aware though
I see it growing and flurishing as long as the children nowadays don't destroy everything and listen to their elders
We have a terrible crime rate with scared police.
It's filled with drug addicts and criminals.
Through education and better police presence, the area can be fixed.
It seems the state government is doing little to help the Detroit area besides closing schools, not fixing roads, and gentrification. However, with increased resources that have been given to the youth by our own communities, I foresee gradual change in the future that will yield positive results.