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I've currently been a resident to this area for a few years. I'm originally from the south so this area was different for me from the side walks to all the people. My nieces and I grew up in a different part of the world. I honestly was lucky enough to have not been in public school unlike them, there classes were always packed forty students to one teacher in a good class. the trash build up is out of control even through there are people who care and try but there's only so much one or three people can do. Cars continuously speed during the late hours I live on a corner house so there's a stop sign that's barely even used. What I do like is that there are wonderful people.
The houses are so abandoned animals without homes take over houses as there own
Everyone knows anyone could die any second
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If anyone wanted to shoot a scary movie & be cheap on scary affects come to Detroit.
Trying to get money for education for a better life..... for a life Detroit is not a community for growth
The crime is steady increasing and the chances of being safe in your own neighborhood slightly decreases every year.
Detroit is an okay area to live, its not the best but we are trying to make a comeback. The downtown area is expanding and increasing more and more.