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We love our neighbors and the block we live on. We bought our house a year ago and can't imagine living anywhere else. Very low crime statistics, close to shopping, dining, and nightlife. The best of everything.
There aren't very many job opportunities very close. Not too far away though there are a lot more.
This pretty much gets the same response I gave a few pages earlier.
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The biggest problem with many of the houses around here is that the garages are frequently built in and under the kitchens, they are often too steep to realistically park your car in. There houses are a decent size for a four person family and are mostly brick with nicely sized yards. Many could be a lot nicer on the inside with a little restoration.
I'm not really sure about my neighbors recycling habits. It is very easy to do in this neighborhood though, free pickup.
There are several smaller parks really close to me, which are small and only average. Within biking distance though, there are some fantastic parks.
There aren't very many activities in my area, or at least not a diverse type of activities. There are religious events and church picnics, but as I'm not religious these events don't really hold my interest.
Parking is typically just on street. For pedestrians everything is pretty good, all but a few streets have sidewalks. Public transit is good because I live fairly close to the center of the city. Potholes and other pavement concerns however, are terrible. You're in for a bumpy ride on most of the "main" roads in my area.
I live in a border zone between a nicer neighborhood and "the not so good end of town". Where I am is fine, people feel safe, and there are a decent amount of businesses, restaurants, and parks. Walk a bit further though and you aren't in a very safe area.
The majority of people in this area are not obese or seemingly suffering from many health problems, however I don't see anyone making much of an effort to be particularly healthy. People are mildly active and eat a pretty standard diet.