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We do have a lot of vacant housing in our neighborhood because a lot of people have found better homes to move into.
I love the community that I live in we are all pretty close and we all go to the same school we just love to hang out and have a great time together.
Our house, along with those of several of our neighbors, was broken into, but this was over a period of 21 years. Cars have also been broken into and vandalized. Police are not regularly present in the neighborhood, but they are generally quick to respond. I feel like the area has a pretty normal level of crime.
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I grew up in this neighborhood and always felt safe. Neighbors watch out for each other and the parks are well maintained. The only disadvantage of this neighborhood is that it is a fair distance from grocery stores.
Usually full, house are over 20 years old.
People tend to live several years in this area.
No crime really, least not close to this area.
Nice, generally quiet, peaceful and relaxed.
There is crime everywhere you just need to look out.
It has been great living here I would come back.
It is an okay neighborhood, it could be way better
We have alot of local businesses that are a great contribution to our city.
I choose not to respond.
It all depends on where you live (city)
I dont go out much to have a very strong opinion.
I chose to live here but there are only a few carreers that thrive.
A lot of wildlife and parks within a short to moderate drive.
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Expensive for what you get.
There are a lot of fitness centers but are costly. Facilities have crossfit, aerobics, tennis, swimming, weights, and personal training. There are many who are physically active but there is an obesity problem here. Outdoor facilities are average due to the long winters. Hospitals are convenient for those in town and some have been out of town. The remote villages still lack in quality healthcare. I stay physically active by keeping gym membership and try to do outside activities when ever possible. Sign up for running or biking races to keep motivated.
I have always felt safe here. I do not know a lot about crime and safety here.