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I lived in Sauganash for ten years, paid off my mortgage planning to add onto the back of my house. The two guys across the street got so jealous I had to move to a better neighborhood they were egging my car and breaking into my house screaming. They have police records for Criminal Tresspass and battery now. I sold to a Chicago Cop who wanted a house in the neighborhood to add a second floor on top of and sell. The two jealous guys look at the worst frankenhouse remodel in the neighborhood across the street now. 5826 Kolmar
Growing up here, I have always felt safe and supported by my community. Everyone knows one another here and there is a sense of cohesiveness between neighbors, as they all want this to be the safest and most fruitful neighborhood.
The neighborhood is nice and well kept. Not too noisy. The only thing I would really change is the conditions of the roads.
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I had bad neighbors who would get jealous and fight with people. It wasn't a very pleasant place to live
There's no houses in bad shape. If a house is in disarray it's because the owners do not take care of it.
Some of the member of the community are entitled when there is no need to be. A few parents expect too much.
I would live here again is I had my own family to raise. But as a young adult I wouldn't.
I'm pretty sure there are crimes happening, I just haven't seen anything, or rather anything severe.
I do not know any other place than this neighborhood; it is my home. Yes, I've visited other areas, but no where is as comfortable and peaceful at this moment.
To be brutally honest one of my best friends died 4/4/16. And before him there was another boy that was also killed in March, both due to gun violence. Our cops are good and care for our city but the gun violence doesn't seem to be depleting.
Atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable. Train stations and CTAs are very accessible to travel into the city or out. Education continues to improve, although political figures are not the most bright at the moment. The city is beautiful at day and night, managing always to take my breath away.
There has only been a few instances of crime, but never too harmful.
It's reassuring knowing all your friendly neighbors!
Except for the occasional things getting reported like a hit and run there isn't really crime.
Police Station is nearby so almost no crime!
Love this place. Never want to leave.
Other than occasional break-ins and thefts, crime here is low and I'm very thankful.
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I don't like the people in this neighborhood at all but there's relatively low crime, pretty scenery, and nice homes. It's a very unique neighborhood. The worst part of this neighborhood is probably the pot holes.
Everything about this area is moving in the right direction except taxes and local gov. representation.
I would choose to live closer to the lake and the downtown area only because thats where I feel most free.