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Crime is not very visible in Matthews. It is definitely there, but there is a strong, reliable police presence and I feel perfectly safe.
I have loved living in Matthews. It is a wonderful, quiet place with a lot of unique places to live in.
There has not been any crime since I've been here.
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There is a lack of genuine community.
Housing in this area is expensive. There is a move to provide more affordable homes in all areas. I agree with this approach otherwise you end up with segregation through housing costs. Generally Charlotte is integrated but is divided by neighborhood and housing costs.
The Charlotte community and local business industries are very community focused. Many get involved in these events through their job outreach efforts.
There is crime everywhere but the police are visible in the area and there is a police station nearby.
The weather is good and generally there are people who believe in God.
A lot of bus stops, the police station, hospital (10 min away), and many other beneficial services nearby!
This is a very urban area, so the nature is not as rich as other areas. The local parks around are nice but I prefer the ones that are slightly further away.
I have never witnessed any very severe issue where my safety was of great concern. Although there have been little things, they have been taken care of efficiently. I feel pretty safe in my area.
Very nice weather, it rains on occasion but nothing too severe. There is really no sever weather that is of great concern.
There are a lot of restaurant options, and many of which are pretty affordable! Also, there are a lot of fast-food areas for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. As for fancy restaurants, there are not any.
There are many jobs to choose from for employment, but they are usually smaller jobs that do not make very large salaries (although, there are exceptions!)
A pretty busy area with a variety of shops all around. Every corner has a mini shopping mall that provides the necessary stores that most people would need.
What I like about the food and dronks here are the different varieties depending on what you're in the mood for.
You can find practically anything you need to accommodate your lifestyle. Whatever you're looking for its about 95% guaranteed that you'll find it here.
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You can almost always find a job in any retail store or restaurant.