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I grew up and spent pretty much my whole life in this area before moving off to college. The neighborhood I lived in was quiet and safe and was located in the school zones for the best elementary, middle, and high school around. Because I lived in this area, I had access to some of the best education in the city and a safe learning environment. I grew up in a great environment for children with many opportunities to be involved and explore my talents. Living here definitely prepared me academically and personally for future success.
We have a great variety of stores and restaurants in this area.
There are many restaurants in close proximity to this area. They include everything from fast food to regular chains like Chili's to fantastic ethnic restaurants. You won't run out of new restaurants to try in this area.
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The houses are sturdy and well-built. Even the smallest houses in this area provide enough room for a family to live peacefully. There are no abandoned properties around.
There are police and fire stations very near to us. The parks and libraries around are great.
Though I have lived here almost fifteen years, I don't know many of my neighbors. We pretty much just got to know those who lived immediately next to us. These older folks in the last six years or so have moved or passed away, and new families have moved in, but they generally keep to themselves. This neighborhood is pretty nice, but there isn't a real sense of community among the people who live here. That being said, the community is very pet-friendly and family-friendly, and people tend to live here for many years.
The area experiences all four seasons. Weather is never real extreme.
There are many types of houses in the area from mansions to bungalows.
There are may races/ethnic groups that have settled in the area and throughout the city.
The people in this area are established and have lived here over 20 years. New families are now moving in homes left to them by retirees/relatives.
The nature/outdoor events and locations are well attended.
There are restaurants for every taste buds in the city.
There is constant advertizing about events in this area and throughout the city.
Many people have lost their jobs especially in the banking industry and hourly employment.
There is neighborhood watch and regular police survey of the area.
The city prides itself on public services offered.
Since they are reworking a major highway in this area, many commuters cut through. The mornings and after work are horrible times to try to travel. There are many potholes and daily detours.
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Many in this are run, walk, bike or participate in yoga. There are also many fitness centers.
I love the beauty of this area and the convenience of shops and other amenities.