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I've lived in this area for 16 years, all throughout growing up and i've had a great experience. It is not far from my school, there a stores close by, fun activities, sports and friends. Great for families because of low crime rate and accessibility of places. Not far from downtown and not far from Morgan Hill. The only downfall is the high cost of living .
I've lived in the Santa Teresa neighborhood for 14 years, and every year I meet new, exciting, genuine people who are an excellent support system and great neighbors. People are involved, and there is a good balance of new residents and original homeowners. The are is gentrifying because of its location on the edge of Silicon Valley, but there are still tight-knit communities of real old-timers, who remember when the area was mostly fruit orchards. There are tons of things to do, from the hikng trails to nearby shopping malls and movie theaters.
Very good access to public transport and freeways 85, 87 and 101 .
It's just 10 mins drive to San Jose downtown without traffic.
Even the nature is very near like Santa Teresa Rancho, Coyote valley, Morgan Hills and down to Gilloy and Montrery .
Schools are lovely as my daughter always talking about teachers and friends with happiness.
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Santa Teresa is a super busy street! But the neighborhood is pretty friendly and there hasn’t been any problems except for frequent car accidents from traffic.
It's a good place for families because there are good schools, close shopping options, county and city parks, and low crime. The drawbacks are extremely high cost of housing, high cost of living, and commuting anywhere north or west of here is a pain. The public transportation has two sides. The lightrail train work well for getting downtown, connecting to Caltrain/Am track and getting to Santa Clara to Levis stadium. The bus system, however, is not convenient. The lines are limited and do not run that frequently. There is little to no nightlife in the area. Oakridge mall has brought a lot of people to the area since it got remodeled and provides a variety of chain mall stores. Other close shopping centers include: the almaden costco shopping center and the new cottle shopping center. There are some small local businesses, but fewer than there used to be.
I feel safe in my immediate neighborhood, but some parts are known to house sketchy people. The crime rate is higher than it should be, however, as our street has been subjected to multiple thefts just this year.
I am so lucky to have been born in this area compared to most other places in the United States. Jobs are prevalent here in the Silicon Valley, the weather and homes nearly perfect, and I like being close to everything (stores, restaurants, school, etc.).
San Jose Police department is letting officers go. We don't have enough coverage on our streets to prevent crime in our neighborhoods.
Traffic is getting worse and over building . San Jose is becoming the next LA. Its over populated.
I have never noticed a severe increase in crime activity.
I feel safe in the area I live in. There are a lot of people and places can get busy.
Beautuful weather, mountains, and locality to many different things to do and see.
Houses don't meet the quality connected with price.
The house market is why people have to leave.
No violent crimes have happened here.
new construction has provided entry level jobs!
safely with less crime and notthing to worry about with children
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great place to raise a family and live

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I have heard that there is lot of robbery going around this neigborhood which is not okay and must be reduced.
The area is very diverse and have lot of new businesses coming up. Although the prices of homes are increasing highly and that is not good for the people who are moving into this neighborhood but overall its a nice place with not a lot of crime.