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There is so much gang activity in this neighborhood. Mostly on Jackson Street. You see the police riding up and down the streets , but I still get a sense of being unsafe. Once you go on Bewley Street, it turns into a prostitute sale out. While I go to bed at night, I can hear cars pull in my drive way to turn back to them.
Growing up here and having a single mother is difficult. We rent a single bedroom from my grandma . You know for a fact that you can not be walking around at night due to all the prostitutes. This place is not the worst , but not the best either. Compared to South Central, we'll be okay. It would sure be a dream come true if this place turns out to a decent place to raise children. I just hope that since the education from schools are improving around here, our neighborhood will too.
The area is full of stores, malls , restaurants and community events. Crime seems to be low around these areas since police is doing a better job.
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The outdoors is always locely
There are gangs around but not enough crime
The weather is always good
there are some great areas
There arent many of them around
It's only bad because of my neighbor who apparently loves partying part midnight. It is terribly annoying and I can't get enough sleep for school if they do it on a Sunday. Luckily it's only once in a while.
There are a few overweight people, possible due to the amount of fast food chains hanging around the block. Alcoholism may be a problem.
There seems to be a lot of people loitering around at night, but they don't cause too much of a ruckus. It only looks dangerous to those who don't live here. There are neighborhood meetings, but I don't attend them.
It's mostly sunny with occasional rain here and there. It's relatively warm, so I don't have to worry much about plans being cancelled due to the weather.
There are a lot of taco trucks where I live so it's convenient for a late night snack.
Everything you'd need is generally provided, although there isn't much variety to choose from.
The houses are not nice they are all old.
The grass is not that green.
There are not many things to do.
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The police are passing constantly.
Many people have lived here many years.
I cannot find a job nearby and they don't pay well.