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Jacksonville as a whole is great. There are many opportunities available, as well as a variety of jobs and class of jobs. Every city has their parts of town that frequent the news for the usual reasons.
A lot more highways getting built, plenty bike lanes available.
Anything and everything is available to the area by the variety of stores.
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There are plenty of parks and fields around. Great for exercising.
A lot of the jobs are mostly retail and food services.
I woul rather live in Albuquerque or Tucson because there is so much less humidity there.
The weather here is usually really does get too hot and muggy in summer though.
If you mean the larger area it is Florida, so there are lots of things for tourists, but if you mean my local is 12 miles to the beach which is close enough
I don't know what others do, but there are a few people I see obviously walking for exercise. I do not go out and walk the neighborhood.
It's okay but I would like more shops. We mostly have to go to Walmart or drive a little ways to visit other shops which are mostly big chain shops.
Most of us do not have really big yards, but we either work or are older so we have enough to keep us busy without wearing us out.
The 911response here is good.
Right in my neighborhood it is mostly okay except that some people use this street as a 'cut-through' and those people tend to speed through without concern for anyone here.
The jobs available are not what I would like.
I did have a lawn mower stolen, but mostly the people in this neighborhood are just regular, nice people.
There are many different types of food places near here in all price ranges. I like to eat different types of food and they are all available..from American, Asian and Mexican fast food to some really nice restaurants.
There are a nice number of parks here. We have a variety of different parks close by. I like the ones that offer picnic tables and children's play equipment, because I can take my grandchildren there to play. I also like the one nearby with a public pool.
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The communities change as you move through the city. I like where I live.
The people are diverse and I enjoy the differences. It's not boring.