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There is almost always parking availability and having a permit to park inside of my apartment complex is not needed. It makes things way easier whenever I have visitors. It would be nice to place some type of sidewalk since the parking lot is full of parking spaces, but it is never congested nonetheless.
There is a good sense of community in my apartment complex since we are all students. For example, there was once a bug inside of my apartment and my neighbor was more than willing to kill it for me. My apartment complex also holds a lot of events that require community engagement which I am also thankful for. It has allowed me to become acquainted with familiar faces and even learn that some students I've befriended at my university reside inside of my apartment complex.
Aside from my studies, I'm usually at my job (Urban Outfitters in the St. John's Town Center). I personally believe that the St. John's Town Center is geographically placed in a great place. It is in between a nice living community and the miles that consist of the University of North Florida's property. Inside of the St. John's Town Center, one can find popular retailers like Gap, Express, and Forever 21. Students can also indulge in retailers that carry necessities like Target, Sally's and PetCo.
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As a former editorial intern for Jacksonville Magazine, I've been able to be exposed to all of the local events going on in the city of Jacksonville. Although most of the events do not happen in my particular area, having knowledge of these things has made me grow to love this city. I'm in absolute love with all of the new eating establishments that are opening and tradition of local events this city has to offer. My university also has a large part to play in it, being that a lot of the theatrical performances take place in the arenas/stages at my school.
Our workout facilities can use some extra funding, being that most of the equipment is broken, old or just not working. I say this because I personally believe workout establishments should be in good condition because it motivates someone to actually workout. However, I do appreciate the complex's track within the complex made for walking, jogging or any other related activity that would require using it.
My apartment complex is protected by the close supervision of security guards and the police officers that parole the University of North Florida.
There are a lot of apartment complexes (new ones) and housing complexes in this area. From a personal observation, a demographic from 40-60 year olds mostly reside in this area. The houses within miles of my apartment complex are fairly large with nicely kept lawns. They are also minutes away from churches which makes the area feel extremely safe.
As a transfer student from a university in Miami, the public services here are okay but could be in better proximity. I live in a student-based apartment so it is skips away from the University of North Florida. Being that I'm currently a student, I am very thankful but I do often complain about how much of a drive it is to local establishments. Walking can always be an alternative, but the roads are very long and it would take me more then 30 minutes to get to the nearest establishments. If the city of Jacksonville made it more accessible for students to get to places of establishments this would be a great city/college area.
There are some really great job opportunities in the area I'm living in, being that Jacksonville is a growing city. However, a lot of these opportunities are based on having a certain connection within different networks. As a graduating senior (in April) I've begun to start seeking full-time opportunities. So far, I've been turned down by a lot of organizations/businesses and have even been offered positions with less pay. Since I'm legally supposed to live in this apartment for another five months (apartment lease) I'll continue to be optimistic in my job search and look elsewhere. If I do end up scoring a full-time opportunity, I do plan to live here for at least two to three years and move to another state where my talents could be of better use.
Anytime with employment it depends on the location. Where I am located there are a lot of restaurants. There are a lot of service jobs there. There are a lot of clinic and hospitals so availability for health profession is open.
I love the food here. Bento cafe is marvelous for sushi. The Ale house here has really good steaks. Tilt the kilt is really good with drinks though I will never order food there again.
The weather is amazing. It may be cold for a day or two in the Fall or winter months, but it always bounces back to the 70s. There is always a little breeze.
Town center is a nice place to venture into. There is a lot of stores for shopping and many restaurants to interest the taste buds.
Everyone maintains their lawn care and home appreciation.
One of my favorite restaurants in Jacksonville is Maple Street Biscuit Company. Its an excellent breakfast, brunch and lunch dining experience. The people are excellent and the food is just as good!
Competitive, but there are a lot of jobs.
Numerous popular stores, however very spread out.