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I see this area only getting better for the future.
Area is clean, safe, and calm. There is always something happening within the community. The people are also friendly.
This area is okay and the people are great so living here again wouldn't be the end of the world. The roads do need some serious work and the traffic needs some help. I would probably rate it around average because everywhere is different and its basically what you make of the situation that defines the outcome. It can be good or bad if you let it.
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I think this area is amazing.
People are friendly for the most part but there is that one group of community members that wants to enforce rules more then needed.
People have usually lived here for generations.It is a great place to live
There is all kinds of options in the area, from fine dining to your good old In n Out
There is always alot to do in the area. If all else fails our mall, South Coast Plaza is always a go to spot.
I am not really familiar with these people, who they are, or what they have done. I like to keep up to date on things but the fact that this information is not very easy to find, says alot to me.