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In my area, there is not a lot of violent crimes. So on scale of 1-10 the safety is a 10.
I'm from Nashville, TN and I moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2014 after I graduated high school. I came to Jacksonville because I wanted to change my environment. I found out is harder to find a job here than it is to find one in Nashville. The atmosphere and the temperature is tolerable, but I have to keep in mind the I spent 18 years in the mountains and now I'm living in the "Sun Shine State". On a scale 1-10 I rate Jacksonville a 5. In my Future I see me opening up a business in Jacksonville . This is the main reason I want to go to college and study business.
Gun violence is on the rise in Jacksonville and home invasions. This concerns me.
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I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl. My whole life is centered around this area. My family and friends still live here, as well. I have a strong connection with my parents and my brother, and I don't really want to leave here to attend college. However, if I want to continue to play football at the college level, I have no choice.
Everyone I've seen have lived in their homes since they were built, normally people reside in the neighborhood.
There have been very few reports of stealing but there is a High School nearby the area so it's most likely just bored teenagers. The reports were also really rare and far apart.
The area in which I live in is pretty amazing. The atmosphere is all around enjoyable. The weather is gorgeous 97% of the time and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Jacksonville is a rather large yet wonderfully knit city. Not everybody is friendly but its certainly safe to say that the area has an immense amount of southern hospitality. As a person, I feel there is always room for improvement and that he city could always use a helping hand in staying beautiful and strong. If I had the choice to go abck in past and choose a different city I wouldn't want to experience any other life. a strong 8 out 10.
I live by a high school so it is considerably safe, however the noise and traffic can be extremely bothersome
It's ok, its better than the other sides of town but still crime.
I've lived in the area for all of my life, and therefore, I feel 'used' to it. However, there is a multitude of glaring problems which plague us all. Crime has always been very high and there does not appear to be a reversal in the trend for the better coming anytime soon. Law enforcement patrolling the area is noticeably apathetic toward prioritizing safety. Job creation is moving in a positive direction, but wages and opportunity are rather sluggish. These factors have established sort of a pessimistic atmosphere and many residents feel cynical and trapped.
The community could be better. I believe there are small groups of people who get together and help each other out, creating there own community. But when it comes to everyone coming together, that's where thing are lacking.
I never seem to have an issue with the safety in this area.
I love the weather here!! It rains all the time but its usually a light shower.
The restaurants in this area are quite good! My only problem with them is that they never seem to be open when I would like to enjoy them.
The employment in this area is okay. Its a bit difficult for teens to find a job.
The local businesses could be better around here. Many of the local businesses are being taken over and pushed out of town by the larger companies. I would like to see the local businesses staying in tact.
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Now that I have moved the crime doesn't affect me.
Florida is bipolar with its weather. So it is from pouring rain to sweating through you shirt.
There are not many available jobs that are what I want to do, while getting paid what I want.