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While Alaska is the number one state in the nation for domestic violence, they also include the villages from the bush. The bush and Anchorage are two very different places. We may have more street crime, but they have more domestic issues. The police here are responsive, and the State Troopers do what they can.
It's not the best place to live, but there are worse places, especially in Alaska. The neighbors are friendly, but don't talk much. The atmosphere is genuine, however, there are a few exceptions. The education is getting worse though, with the government's habit of cutting expenses they don't need to cut. With the direction this next election is going, it's hard to say whether or not life will get worse or better, but from Alaska's standpoint, barely anyone have good intentions for us.
Wonderful part of town. Not in the middle of busy traffic and activities but not too far from restaurants and livelier parts of town.
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The crime is virtually nonexistent where I live.
The atmosphere is very safe and welcoming.
I really like where I live. The people here are nice and there are a lot of place to explore and see new things. I like that fact that I feel safe when I walk outside and I feel like my neighbors are looking out for me. There is also a lot of nature and animals, which are both really cool to see.
I like it the way it was a few years ago better than today; there has been an increase in crime in the area, and the morality has gone downhill for sure.
Pretty expensive, but you get to live in Alaska; who wouldn't want that?
I want to see more local issues examined. The homeless in the area are a big problem and our crime rate is sky high. Public safety is not the top priority of our representitives.
Not much quality rental propertys
Did not know how high the crime rate was before I moved to Alaska
We have a lot of snow most years
We dont eat out a whole lot
For the most part I think the Pay Wages in the Anchorage area need to be higher, in regards to the cost of living
We so not a big veriety of stores in Alaska. We are missing many of the big chain stores.
My neighborhood is great. I love my home, the only issue is the airplanes that fly right over us. The airport is located five minutes from my house and airplane often fly over my neighborhood.
I notice that the policemen seem somewhat lazy in my area. There are many of them but they are very lenient and rarely come to aid.
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There are five policemen that live on my street and more in the neighboring streets.
No severe weather problems in the are, mostly rain and clouds in the summer.
Everything is closed after 9 pm in the area.