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Have lived there for four years have never really had any problems in my time there. There is a police station and fire station nearby which does help with safety.
I would like to see more places to do activities, everything seems to be so far away and sometimes I have no way of getting where I want to be.
I appreciate the fact that everything we need is nearby. It is a relatively safe area if you do not go looking for trouble itself. If you stay out of where you know that problems may arise, you will live safely and peacefully.
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It is still a growing community and there is a lot of traffic flow thru the community due to the community being so close to the border. I believe the community has a lot of students that grow up without being entitled and understanding a good work ethic while being committed.
I love this place but that's only because I grew up here. It definitely isn't the safest place and La Migra is always patrolling the area, not to mention San Diego hardly puts any consideration into bettering the area.
San Ysidro is a very transited area. People who travel across the border to Mexico everyday are mostly the people who transit it's streets more. People usually pump their gas in San Ysidro before crossing the border; others change dollars to pesos. San Ysidro is like a pit stop for those who live in Mexico, but cross the border everyday. San Ysidro best feature is that it contains everything that a city needs to keep the population happy. Transportation throughout San Ysidro is easily accessible. San Ysidro is the start point for many journeys that take you far away from San Diego.
Normally people don't know what or where San Ysidro is and in order for people to locate it we have to say that it is close to the border. I've been partially raised there my whole life and I can't think of any other place I would of rather been at.
This neighborhood is really calm, peaceful. I would probably change the size of the streets so more cars can park wherever.
It is a small community near the Mexico border with it's shopping mall. Most of the year it is the perfect place to live, but once holiday season occurs traffic is congested due to the shopping mall and police are everywhere giving tickets.
San Ysidro a city in Sand Diego where meets the border line, to enter Tijuana Mexico. A place where tourist shop and attract a lifestyle of hardworking Americans and immigrants from all over the world. It's an experience of survival, communication, business, and trades. You see people making money and constantly moving at a certain paste. Money is the motive. People still migrate to trade and do business just like it's been our entire lives. I believe that city has plenty of potential. I have been here plenty of times. My father is an immigrant and was raised in the United States, he was deported. Every time I travel to Tijuana I make sure to take him food from San Ysidro, or I buy him dog food for his pets because everything is cheaper here in America and the economy sucks in Mexico. I shop in San Ysidro all the time when I am there. I love there outlets. Its like a landing point for travels it's amazing and I enjoy it every time.
The climate needs to be mentioned. Rarely is a an air conditioner or heater needed. Very close to the most southerly beach in California. Mexican sea food and all kinds of Mexican food are available. No night life and very family oriented. This is a border community which means long lines at the bank and super markets. Excellent public transportation with a trolley and bus..they do not run all night. Home costs and rents are reasonable compared to San Diego. The Southbay district for schools seems to be in flux and did not provide my kids with as quality education as compared to private schools in Mexico or other southbay districts.
One thing I like about San Ysidro is that people from different income levels can live and shop and do business here. There are pros and cons about being right next to the border. A pro is the diversity we have and the tourists that come through here, but cons are the traffic that builds up in the usual times, especially from 4 to 6 when most people here get out of work and or school, that combined with usual traffic and tourists causes high levels of slow moving traffic in the highways and main streets. Overall I think this is an alright city to live in.
I have a great experience, a lot of good people around and honest people. People around here are hard workers, our community is not to common and rich. But this is the reason why people do their best in order to improve this community.
San Ysidro is predominantly a Mexican American city. It is high in crime and I say this from personal experience. My cars have been vandalized and stolen from more than twice. The schools are satisfactory and stay indoors at night. Traffic is bad due to being located right next to the San ysidro border.
The people here are lovely.
This is a supportive community.
It is a quiet and peaceful city.
We do need more attention from the governor to take care of the
roads and the side walks.
I like the outlets and restaurants but safety needs to be increased. I've had a few experiences where I felt unsafe walking around.
Defined as socio-economically disadvantaged community, this border town neighborhood has had a series of modifications over the last few years that have really improved the area.
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In the 18 years living in San Ysidro I would say that it is a peaceful town. Peaceful in the sense of when going outside not worrying about anything bad happening. However it does have the busy commuters and shoppers coming from across the border from Baja California since it has the world largest border crossing right there. It is an annoyance dealing with traffic everyday during rush hour but we have learned to deal with it. It is always fascinating seeing people at the outlets that come from many other places not just across the border. I have seen Germans, French, Arabic, Brazilian, and many other foreign shoppers come so close to where I live. The only thing I would change about San Ysidro which it is happening little by little is to improve the border crossing experience. Expand the small entrance and improve transportation options and stations for crossers.
From my experience, San Ysidro school teachers care more about their students than other town school teachers. The neighborhood can be quiet and calming, but other times it can get loud and lively. San Ysidro is a small community; however, the people of San Ysidro are so friendly and humble.
San Ysidro is a small community in the southernmost part of San Diego. It is predominantly Hispanic. The neighborhood still seems underdeveloped, but over the past ten years I have seen much more being build and renewed in the area. There have been new schools built, new shopping centers and roads have been fixed. Crime is a bit of a concern since there are a few local gangs but not much that I have seen be out of control. Being Hispanic myself, I feel at home in this community where most people speak Spanish and there are many Mexican places such as grocery stores and restaurants. Overall, I have like living in San Ysidro for the past 15 years.