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San Pedro is a pretty small town in which a lot of people know most everyone around. I really like the beaches, the coastal parks and the nightlife in downtown San Pedro. If I could change anything, it would be maybe the safety of the community as a whole. Something simple such as having more police officers patrolling the streets.
I love how small and self-maintained San Pedro is. Everything that you need can be found in the city.
Located on the coast with nice weather all year round. Access to many stores, schools, and restaurants. People here are nice. Not too far nor too close to Downtown LA.
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I like that since I have moved here they have continued to improve the town and make it look and feel better. I dont like that there is not very many homeless services to help the homeless I see daily.
I live in a beautiful apartment in San Pedro. I love the complex, but once you enter the depths of San Pedro, you start to feel unsafe, especially at night. The view of Catalina Island is enough to keep me here for a lifetime, I just tend to be a home body because the area isn’t the best.
San Pedro is a town located off the 110 south freeway. Growing up as a young boy in the late 90's, was an experience. The diversity of this small town stood out, allowing different culture to bridging. Innovating ideals and perception of cultures that differ from my own. Adjacent to the Long Beach port San Pedro contains a plethora of seafood restaurants, Birth 55 being my favorite. My overall experience living in San Pedro was great however change is essential in life development.
Lives here all of my life.. many good places to eat. Beautiful coastal scenery. But lately it has been going down. Homeless encampments are everywhere and the city has yet to take care of the problem.
It is a very small everybody knows everybody type of town. Some parts of the town are a little dirty.
I lived in San Pedro for more than 5 years until moving to Long Beach recently. It is a great city for anyone that loves the small town vibe. Although it is on a peninsula it sometimes feels like you are on an island. There isn't much to do besides the beach and tide pools but luckily there is Torrance that is nearby and has one of the larger sized malls and many food options as well as nightlife.
The area is generally clean, depending on where you are located, there is no parking restrictions! Very quiet, yet it can become very cultural and festive. Many great food spots.
I love that San Pedro is near the ocean. Although we are near the ocean I don’t see enough children and teens spending time outside playing or even learning about Mother Earth. I also wish that more lower income youth in this area had dreams to go to college and had the urge to better themselves. San Pedro is an area with gang violence and a large homeless population.
I dislike San Pedro greatly. There is an abundance of homeless people living in tents along sidewalks and the place is starting to shape into Skid Row. No it's not as dangerous, but driving by you would think so. The councilman Joe Buscaino is attempting to put a stop to it but with no prevail. As well, my neighborhood I live in isn't the greatest so I kind of have to live on edge. If I could see something change, I would wish for more police patrol to get homeless out of San Pedro. It would be a much nicer city without them.
I currently live with my grandparents here. Overall it's a neat little town. Great if you don't have to go too far. Unfortunately I work in Glendale, so that's a bit of commute. Plenty of amazing eateries. Very close to Downtown Long Beach and the Queen Mary. A great and involved community with many volunteer opportunities. I used to volunteer at The Marine Mammal Care Center and I was a docent at The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.
San Pedro is a very beautiful place to live, but like all cities its has its downsides. I think it amazing if it was cleaned up a little more and renovations were done to make the streets a little more welcoming to visitors and the citizens that live there everyday.
Nice town with good vibes but people are in each other business too much. Average town but with more skaters and surfers around. Very cool for first thursday's with the food trucks and everybody getting together one night of the month. Could see everyone you know at the grocery store
San Pedro is honestly a gem. I've lived in many Los Angeles neighborhoods, and San Pedro is so gentle, and quiet. While it is busy in some parts, ad there is a local homeless population, it's a pretty good part of LA
I grew up in San Pedro my entire life and all my friends and my are there. I really enjoy how small is it because I feel like there is a sense of community. Everyone knows each other and it is really nice how the small town feel makes everyone feel more connected with each other. I feel like San Pedro has so much history behind it and it is very interesting to learn about.
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I have lived in San Pedro my whole life and it's been okay, but there is not much to do around here. Our beach sucks so I have to go 20 minutes away. Also, I have had a bad experience with the public school system, classes are massive and there's not a lot of support.
I prefer Coastal San Pedro to Central San Pedro due to the closer proximity to the ocean and beautiful coast. Looking out at the Los Angeles Harbor is also very relaxing. Most of the residents are "beach town" oriented; an energy I greatly relate to growing up around Redondo and Hermosa Beach. The only thing I would like to see change is a reduction of crime and some cleaner streets.
It's less dangerous than South Central Los Angeles and I have felt safer raising my sons here for the last 18 years... I wish the bus running east and west ran a little more often. Thank You