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San Marco is an amazing neighborhood, located in Jacksonville Florida. It's close to the St. Johns River, which makes for nice scenery and access to some of the best shops and restaurants in the area.
This area is full of vibrant energy! It speaks to the inner being with culture and easy boutiques that are eye candy and soul nourishing. Theater Jacksonville put on the best best plays for everyone to enjoy and has a special section just for youth! It is inspiring. Then there are the shops! Especially The Write Toych and Beach Diner! Down the street is the Hometown fav European Street...then there is the grand river Adorned with benches and just a perfect view of this vast River! Love it !
Jacksonville has a lot of parks, but it doesn't have enough green space and walking trails in general.
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My part of town is pretty safe. I feel comfortable running by myself in the dark without pepper spray as a female, so that has to say something.
The biggest annual event of the area is the Gate River Run. This 9K is actually really widely known, but Jacksonville doesn't have much tourist appeal (even with being home to the Jaguars).
The people in my area are, for the most part, very friendly and welcoming. I'm guessing it's good old fashioned Southern hospitality.