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Just like any area there are some rough spots. Id like too see heavier law enforcement around certain hang outs.
Even though I live right in the middle of downtown. It is actually not as expensive and that I can also be able to commute easily since there are lots of resources around the areas.
The area where I live is going down. I can say that there are a few good people there (had working,, family oriented)
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love to look a house. one day i will get my own house
i would love to have polices more to be around so will be less crime.
i love this weather where i live. it is perfect for me.
i love lots of restaurants. i always different restaurants everyday because i want to be try and find what my favorite one
i did apply some jobs and havent get hired yet. hopefully i will get a job for college and my future.
i want to my hometown to be open with deaf people as communication in writing also they need less attitude