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Beautiful neighborhood. Only bad thing is the entitled attitudes of some of my neighbors, but that is something that you will encounter anywhere in Orange County.
Like the rating says, it's great.
Newport Coast has been the best area I have ever lived out of the six cities I've lived in. It's beautiful, the people are friendly (not stuck up like some might assume), and the overall education system is phenomenal. I am moving out of the area for college and would love to move back here once I am done with my education. This area is a place to strive to live in and I feel grateful to be part of the community.
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There is little to no room for improvement in regards to crime and safety. The city is always well-kept, clean and safe. I never worry about vandalism or a lack of maintainence. The city is always working on new projects to improve the experience of the citizens.
Newport Beach is a beautiful coastal community that is home to some of the best restaurants, schools, and attractions within the nation. The restaurant scene is versatile and its variety offers a wide range for everyone's taste and preference. While the city itself is clean, safe, and beautiful, some of the people can be less than welcoming. I wish there was a greater sense of community within the city and people were more apt to voluntarily help others rather than be focused on a more selfish agenda. I see many people become consumed over trying to have the "best" of everything in terms of material possessions and I wish there was less of an emphasis on that. In Orange County and this town especially, there is an overvalue in physical appearances and an undervalue in morals and values. Overall, I am very blessed to live in such a wonderful area but I would like to see an improvement in terms of unity and kindness throughout the city.
There are many places to shop and great malls to walk around in.
There are many jobs here and great employers all around
It's classic Southern California weather! Sunny and 75 is the daily weather here, summer and winter.