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I don't like San BERNARDINO is very ghetto
The employment rate is getting better, its not that there aren't any jobs is just that a lot of people didn't graduate so they aren't qualified for a lot of jobs and most of the people have kids and are getting food stamps and cash aid.
There are a lot of Mexican Food places and fast food not really a lot of healthy fast food options.
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It's usually sunny and nice but the drainage system is terrible so when it does rain a lot the streets flood really bad especially by the corners.
This is a poor area, there are a lot of drugs and human trafficing.
In this area everything is old and ran down. There are a lot of empty lots, its not a good area. The business owners and the employees are nice but they don't make enough money to have a nice restaurant.
My car s broken into, I witnessed someone breaking and entering a home and a fight. The neighbors are loud and rude. There is supposed to be 24 hr security but they only drive by every so often. There is an insect problem that does not look like it is being taken care of. I do not feel safe with men standing outside almost all the time.